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4 Vocal Techniques To A Better Voice

Home > Singing Lessons > Blog   4 Vocal Techniques To A Better Voice   Singing is a priceless talent that so many wish to have. But have you considered trying it out? You could be that one person that needs some polishing to perfect the act. A lot of people...

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3 Interesting Facts about Violin

Home > Violin Lessons > Blog   3 Interesting Facts about Violin   Violin is one of the most popular stringed instruments besides the guitar. Its distinct shape and playing technique made it a must-have in ancient folklore and it is also the most expensive...

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Why Piano Lessons?

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog   Why Piano Lessons?   Playing the Piano is not just for entertainment or expressions of emotions, it does a lot of health wonders to our body, especially to our brain. Studies show that learning to play the piano is the best way...

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Stories of Instruments – Guitar

Home > Guitar Lessons > Blog   Stories of Instruments - Guitar Musical instruments like a guitar have been around for over 5000 years and so is not something new. There is a possible link between the guitar and an older instrument from ancient India called the...

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2016 Winter Student Recital

Home > Guitar Lessons > Blog 2016 Winter Student Recital On December 11th, 2016, we held Winter Student Recital at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music. Many students participated and shared beautiful music with their family and friends. Congratulations!! For...

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Some Effective Tips Before You Start Playing Piano

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog   Some Effective Tips Before You Start Playing Piano Music is one of the best things in the world. If you have an endless love for music then you can learn one of its best musical instruments, piano. Learning piano is a great...

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How to Create a Musical Environment at Home!

Home > Violin Lessons > Blog   How to Create a Musical Environment at Home!   If you are the parent of a young kid, this is one thing you need to seriously consider. Incorporating an environment that encourages and supports involvement in music, is...

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3 Tips to motivate your child to practice violin

Home > Violin Lessons > Blog   3 Tips to Motivate your Child to Practice Violin     1. Motivate your child to grow with the violin and practice more often. You can achieve this through turning your home into a musical home, allowing your kid to play...

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Practice Tips for Young Pianists

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog   8 Practice Tips for Young Pianists!     1.KEEP IT FUN! Always attempt to keep it fun. Music is a brilliant action. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from any negative feelings on what the youthful musician is...

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