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Willan Academy of Music       

Willan Academy of Music was founded in 2015 by Kenji Haba, classical guitarist. Willan is derived from “will”. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but at Willan we believe in guiding the students’ will to transform their musical gifts to the highest degree of excellence possible. Music lessons where your children can develop genuine love for music, that’s exactly what we offer, so they can open up their hearts to explore and develop their artistic abilities to the highest levels possible. We know that when they are willing to learn, nothing can stop them.

Willan Academy of Music


Kenji Haba is a founder of Willan Academy of Music, formerly known as Studio K. Eastern and western cultural experiences have influenced Mr. Haba’s musical perception and directed him to a unique artistry. He was born in a rural area, called Mino-City, Japan. In 2001, he moved to United States to study Business, and worked for an accounting firm in NY. However, at age of 25, he listened to the sound of the master guitarist, Andres Segovia, and he came to an epiphany and realized he needed to pursue the art of the guitar. In 2006, Haba began studying classical guitar under renowned guitarist, Kevin R. Gallagher, and after one year of study, he was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music Master of Music Program, and worked with Mark Delpriora.

Kenji received Master of Music in guitar performance from Manhattan School of Music in 2009. He is an active performer of contemporary music, with over 20 pieces of music written for and premiered by him, including works featured in classical guitar magazines in Japan as well as the US. He found an award-winning guitar-cello ensemble, Duo Anova with cellist, Susan D. Mandel. Kenji Haba is also an active solo musician and performed throughout the States, including in New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Nevada, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina as well as in Japan. In 2013, Kenji Haba was interviewed and appeared in Classical Guitar Magazine in England as well was Gendai Guitar in Japan.