Willan Academy of Music       

“Men can do all things if they will.” – Leon Battista Alberti (1404–72) Willan Academy of Music, formerly known as Studio K – Suzuki Method based Guitar Teaching Studio, was founded by Kenji Haba, classical guitarist in 2015. Willan is derived from “will”. At Willan we believe in guiding the students’ will to transform their musical gifts to the highest degree of excellence possible. Willan Academy of Music provides private lessons at home in New York City. ( Available Area: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens. Other area will be available soon!) Music enriches life, both of the student and of the home. We are dedicated to providing high quality music lessons for people of all backgrounds.


Kenji Haba is a founder of Willan Academy of Music, formerly known as Studio K. The eastern and western cultural experiences influenced him to be a unique and creative teacher. Kenji was raised in Japan, and came to US in 2001. Kenji believes that the learning of music is not simply to develop musical and technical skill, but to help develop students’ character through the study of music. Kenji received Master of Music in guitar performance from Manhattan School of Music in 2009. He is an active performer of contemporary music, with over 20 pieces of music written for and premiered by him, including works featured in classical guitar magazines in Japan as well as the US. He found an award-winning guitar-cello ensemble, Duo Anova with cellist, Susan D. Mandel. Kenji Haba is also an active solo musician and performed throughout the States, including in New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Nevada, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina as well as in Japan. In 2013, Kenji Haba was interviewed and appeared in Classical Guitar Magazine in England as well was Gendai Guitar in Japan.

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