A sound hole is an opening in the upper soundboard of a stringed musical instrument. As acoustic guitar being a musical instrument, has a sound hole and here is why. The sound hole enables an acoustic guitar to produce good sound on its own as opposed to an electric guitar. It resonates an authentic and fuller sound that is pleasing to the ear. Operating an acoustic guitar is cheap and affordable given that it does not require electricity to resonate.



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Uses of a sound hole in an acoustic guitar

The sound hole enables an acoustic guitar to project more sound. Given that the sound produced by an acoustic guitar primarily comes from the covered areas of the sounding boards, a sound hole allows the sounding boards to projects more vibrations at ease hence good sound.


It makes an acoustic guitar independent. Unlike other types of guitars which require regular backups in order to project audible sound, an acoustic guitar can do this on its own. The sound is unique and natural. This also makes owning an acoustic guitar more affordable and low maintenance.


Additional sound hole. Some acoustic guitars have supplementary holes called sound ports located on the upper side which complement the main sound hole. The main purpose for this mechanism is to enable you the player monitor your own sound. Doesn’t that sound interesting?


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Don’t have a talent in music? No problem!

Learning to play the guitar these days has become easier than you may think. In addition to attending music school, you can complement what you have learnt through online tutorials. Here are examples to enhance your music skills.


Be an active listener of music. Depending on which genre of music you like, when practicing to play the acoustic guitar, it is encouraged you turn some music on in order to set the mood. It also increases concentration away from any distractions. During this time, expect frustrations caused by you to you, which is very normal for any learner.


Participate in music events in NYC. Music concerts are a great opportunity for you as a learner to interact with people who started just like you and listen to their story. This will automatically give you the much-needed moral support and will drive out the critic in you.


Play in front of family and friend. This will make you feel a bit comfortable because they will encourage you and are people you are used to. Go a step higher now and play it in front of your schoolmates and teachers, which will motivate you to even go further.


With the above information, you will have a better understanding of different aspects surrounding the guitar, how it’s played, and the why it is the way it is. All these information will be vital in your future classes.

And practice efficiently. Here are 8 Quick and Easy Tips for Learning the Guitar.




Did you know that the acoustic guitar dates back in 2000-1500BC? Go play the guitar!


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