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Inspiration From The Life Of Frederic Chopin

Portrait of Frédéric Chopin by Eugène Delacroix, oil on canvas, 1838.  Public Domain   You may be wondering how can you take inspiration from the life of Frederic Chopin? In this article it will start out with how much of humble beginnings that he had and how he...

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The Best Motivational Quotes By Great Musicians

Have you ever heard a really great motivational quote by great musician and thought “That is one of the best tips/advice I have heard. I am going to use it in my daily life?” In this article it will go over some of the best motivational quotes ever heard by famous...

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The 6 Best Acoustic Guitars In The World

If you are in the market for a new, high quality, steel-string guitar, take a look at our top recommendations! 6. Taylor Builder's Edition V-Class K14CE This model is certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to electro acoustics and build! If you love a pared...

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20 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

Today we bring you a big list of very easy piano songs to learn. Whether for beginners, or for the little ones in the house to learn. They are all very easy to start playing our first notes on the keyboard, so do not get too demanding today.   SpongeBob (animated TV...

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Top 5 Acoustic Piano Manufacturers

Are you an acoustic piano player who is looking to invest in a good quality and easy-to-play acoustic piano? Look no further, because we have rounded up the very best brands in this category so that you can select the best brand for your needs. Here are our top 5...

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The Top Digital Pianos for Students

Are you interested in or are you learning to play the digital piano? If so, we understand that it can be difficult and confusing when it comes to selecting the right digital piano for your needs. The following is our pick of the very best quality digital pianos for...

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5 Important Tips for Piano Lessons in Brooklyn

Did you know music offers several health benefits? You can reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and improve exercise and brain activity just by listening or playing music. For a child or an adult, these benefits can be life-changing. It comes as a perk for music lovers who...

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What are the Elements of a Great Music School?

Music schools are everywhere! The truth is, you can always find one right around the corner if you wanted to. However, when you need a ‘great’ music school, you quickly discover that they are quite scarce. It hardly matters if you need a music school for yourself or...

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How to Practice Playing the Piano Efficiently

We notice that beginner pianists tend to struggle with practice and see the progress outside a music school. This is hardly your fault because we agree that mastering the piano can be tough. The following tips will help you to improve the quality of your practice and...

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