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4 Vocal Techniques To A Better Voice


Singing is a priceless talent that so many wish to have. But have you considered trying it out? You could be that one person that needs some polishing to perfect the act. A lot of people presume that signing up for several singing competitions is the gateway to becoming the best singer with the best vocal chords. This is how it should be done before hitting that stage;



Singing should be an entertaining act rather than an obligation. Have you ever been told to stand up straight by your elder? Well, turns out there are some logic to that. A straight body portrays a straight mind. A good singer has to constantly maintain an upright posture. This is to necessitate the alignment of your whole body so as to support your voice and drive away tension. Tension is a great enemy of success and might bar you from delivering a well knitted piece. Tension robs you of the air flow that you so much need while singing. It also changes the mood and in the end being uncomfortable.


What to do

Find an upright structure like a wall and lean on it with your back. Stand in a position such that your head touches the wall and your chin is vertically aligned with the ground. With shoulders open, let them roll backwards. Do so with your back but not allowing it to touch the wall with arms at your sides. This is to help with the body straightening. For balancing, spread out the feet. This helps with relaxation and the only part of your body that should be experiencing the tension should be the abdominal muscles since they are the ones supporting your singing.



Fresh air contributes greatly to your singing; struggling for air while hitting the highest chord at the same time is impossible. For a normal human being, breathing is usually shallow so as you set out to sing, ensure you take in deep breaths to support your voice. This even makes your voice audible and clear. Taking in deep gasps for the first time might lead to a dizzy head but as you progress, the going gets easier.


Flex Facial Muscles

The facial muscles are some of the core muscles to bettering your voice. This is why they should always be in your synch with your voice to bring out that Beyonce sound. The neck and facial muscles are the ones to stress by doing some warm-ups. This in turn reduces the energy needed to sing hence making you be in control of your pitch and tone. Some of the warm-ups to partake are;

• Smiling
• Yawning
• Jaw stretching
• Eyebrow lift
• Eye rolling



Set some few hours of the day to sing. It is just like a daily workout that shouldn’t be missed lest you interfere with the progress. Practice makes perfect but do not overdo since too much of something could be poisonous. However, if you have a gig the next day, do not overwork yourself with the singing since it could leave you worn out hence unprepared for the big day.


Once you heed the above secrets to singing perfectly, there is no more that you could wish for. Just practice them and your journey to fame is guaranteed.


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