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Why learn scales on violin? 


Many violin students while learning violin makes the mistake of not practicing scales. However, scales are very important and everyone should practice them from an early age. Apart from improving your speed, it will also help you to master your technique. Here are some reasons, why it is very important to learn scales:



If you want to be part of an ensemble and play with other musians together, then your timing is very important. And to get the timing right, you have to start with practicing scales. Initially, you can practice with a metronome if you want. Keep on practicing until you manage to get all the notes right. It may take some time, but you will reach there eventually.


To have a strong theoretical base

If you manage to understand how scales work, it will be much easier for you to learn about the rest of the music theory. You will be able to gradually understand the different types of chords, how to transpose and about the different kinds of keys. You will be able to figure out the common patterns. And having a good theoretical base also makes it easier to memorize music.


Hear your music

In order to perfect your music, you will first need to hear it properly and then search for flaws. This is a very important part of your violin practice. While practicing scales, make sure that you closely listen to the tone and the tuning. Think what a perfect scale sound like. As you keep on practicing, you will be able to get the exact sound you are looking for.


Finger strength

Scales also improves your finger strength. Because when you are practicing scales, you are forced to use all your fingers. As a result, with time, your finger strength is substantially improved.


Muscle Memory

This is probably the most important benefit of practicing scales. As you keep on practicing, at one point of time, the scales will just come naturally to you. The next time you see a scale, your muscle memory will take over. Once you are able to reach this stage, the rest of the journey will be much easier.



Practicing music is not an easy task. You need to keep track of lots of things, like your finger placement, your breathing and some aspects as well. However, if you practice scales a lot, then it will be much easier for you to co-ordinate the different elements.


Prepare for auditions

Normally, at some point in their careers, all musicians take exams or give auditions for different shows. There they will test you on how well versed you are with scales. These auditions are very competitive and there is absolutely no margin for error. Hence, if you start practicing from now, you will have an edge over the others.


Sight reading

All the music which we generally listen to actually comes from the major scale. Hence, if you are able to master the major scale in the different keys and the variations, then your sight reading will substantially improve.


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