Learn Piano Lessons in NYC from Experienced Teachers

Learn Piano Lessons in NYC from Experienced Teachers

Learn Piano Lessons in NYC from Experienced Teachers

Music is an integral part of our lives. There is no one who would say that he or she doesn’t like music. Being able to play a musical instrument is a blessing for anyone. The piano is one such instrument that could really charge your mood up. That is why you might be looking to find someone who could teach you music. Learning piano lessons in Brooklyn is not an easy job because you need to find the right teacher to be able to learn the piano perfectly. We, at Willan Academy of Music, help you to learn piano lessons in Brooklyn NY in a wonderful way.

Why You Should Learn From Us?

Learning piano from us is the best decision of your life. Because we bring some of the things in your table which no one can. We have:

Experience: Our teachers are experienced and they are fantastic musicians. They know the tactics by following which you can learn the piano far easier than anything else. Our piano teachers are the best in Brooklyn NY. Willan Academy of Music is that place where you can learn music in a proper way.

Reputation: We, at Willan Academy of Music, have accumulated reputation of being one of the leading music learning institutes in New York. We understand what it takes for a novice to play music efficiently. That is why our piano teachers will help you in a way that no one can. Our teachers are excellent piano players themselves. So, you can rest assured that you or your kid will be able to play the piano efficiently when they learn it from us.

Testimonials: We have taught many students who are now proficient in playing the piano anywhere you ask them to do. You can check our testimonials on our website. This will give you a fair idea of how we teach piano lessons in NYC. We have many students who are happy with the way we taught them. Also, the parents of the children whom we taught are also satisfied with our teaching procedure and recommend us.

Our Teachers: The reason for Willan Academy of Music to be regarded as one of the best in the industry is simply because of our teachers. We appoint piano teachers who have adequate knowledge of teaching piano. That is why our students are able to learn the piano efficiently. Also, our teachers know how to teach piano to a child or someone who has never touched it. That is why Willan Academy of Music is one of the best providers of piano lessons in NYC.

Our Price: There are many music academies in Brooklyn, NY which charge heavily. That is why many students back off from learning the piano even after taking the first few initiatives. However, when you come to us for piano lessons, we will not be charging you that much. Willan Academy of Music is one of those very few institutes in Brooklyn which provides piano lessons at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, if you are someone who is looking to become proficient in playing the piano then Willan Academy of Music is your go-to destination. We, provide the best piano classes in NYC. So, start your piano lesson today by contacting us. Our teachers are here to help you out in learning piano.

Easy songs to play on pianos

Easy songs to play on pianos

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Easy songs to play on pianos


Music is medicine to a grieving heart and a stress reliever too. Whenever you listen to your favorite music, it tends to let you lose truck of what is going around as you get lost in the muse. However, one of the best ways to relate to a song is when you play it especially on a piano.

Unfortunately, you will not just wake up one day and ascertain that you know how to play the keys. Since you are a beginner will have to start from zero. This process is gradual but with time you get better and better. Before you know it, you will be playing the piano as you sing the lyrics of your favorite song perfectly

Below are some easy songs that newbies can start with in their quest of playing a piano perfectly:


“Billie Jean “by Michael Jackson

This is a world hit song performed by the late Michael Jackson. It was part and parcel of best album of all time and award-winning album. This hit song belongs to the key F#. The melody of this song is a compilation of various music genres which are R and B, Funk, post disco and dance pop. You can follow this link for a reliable tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-_pv78cwtY


“Hey, Soul Sister “by Train

This is a song that belongs to the excellent American Rock band. Actually, this is the song that brought Train under the full glare of cameras and giving them the much deserving fame.

This song belongs to the key of E and is very lovely when played on a piano. As a newbie you can easily play it by following lessons from the tutorial link below. https://youtu.be/KUnHSAJAjk8


“Someone Like You” by Adele

Adele is one of the famous musicians ever to grace the music industry. With her amazing voice, she has been able to gain a lot of fans, who are always on the look out for her new song. This Song belongs to the contemporary type of music.

It comprises of four recapping cords A, E, F#min and Fortunately these cords are very simple and easy to play on a piano. By using your left hand, play relentless harmonies. By the help of the right hand, you can add melody. For its tutorial check this link https://youtu.be/3hSp1WyRF18


“Fly Me to The Moon” by Frank Sinatra

This song was written by Bart Howard at first. Then it was revived by John Harnell in 1962.The song went on to win the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

It is really a perfect song for beginners, as its chords are easy to master. Follow this link for tutorial. https://youtu.be/Iq7Q09FIKS


“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

This song will teach you to play the piano by both hands. For beginners it will take them a couple of days before becoming better at playing it. You will have to play using both hands. However, it is easier to play using the left hand since it stays in the same position. For its tutorial on playing it on a piano, check this link https://youtu.be/Iq7Q09FIKS0


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For more questions, contact us at info@willanacademy.com or 646-838-3990. Willan Academy of Music offers violin lessons, guitar lessons, and more in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

How Music Schools in New York Can Help in Brain Development

How Music Schools in New York Can Help in Brain Development

How Music Schools in New York can help in Brain Development

One of the reasons why your kid should join music schools in New York is that music is good for the development of their brains. There are studies that show that when children learn to play music, their brains are able to start hearing and processing sound they could otherwise not have heard. This means it can help in the development of their neurophysiological distinction between different kinds of sounds ,and this can help in literacy. This can result in improved academic skills for the child.

When parents read this, they probably start to search for a Manhattan music school. However if the kid doesn’t like learning how to play an instrument or is not actively engaged in the music classes in NYC, they may not reap all the benefits. According to a study that was conducted at the North Western University, to get the benefits of the music classes, kids need to be actively engaged in the NYC music classes in class participation and attendance. Even where the group is made up of highly motivated students, class participation and attendance was a key indicator of the neural processing after going through a music school.

The study showed students who learn to play a music instrument in their class had a better neural processing ability as compared to those who only adjoined a music appreciation group. The researcher concluded it is through the active manipulation and generation of sound that music is able to rewire your brain.

The research that was published in Frontiers in Psychology also found there was a need for active experience as well as meaningful engagement with the sound if the brain changes would be stimulated. With active participation as well as active engagement, a child becomes highly involved in the musical training. Such kids end up showing good attendance, and pay more attention in class.

In as little as 2 years of taking music classes, this can change the white matters of the brain and boost the networks that are involved in making decisions in kids.  The white matter is involved in carrying signals to different parts of the brain. It can also impart the grey matter which has the neurons of the brain that play an active role in the processing of information. Since the brain is a muscle, learning to play the piano is the right kind of exercise.

Scientists have used a wide range of scientific techniques such as behavioral testing, functional, and structural MRI scans as well as EEG in tracking the brain’s electrical activity. According to the initial results that were published, it was noted that joining music classes can accelerate maturity in the brain areas that are responsible for processing sound, speech perception, reading skills, and language development. There are also many studies that are showing that poverty can hinder or disrupt the development of the brain in children, and therefore affect their performance in schools. However, music can help to reverse such effects.

In one study, it was noted that children who have joined music schools or taking music classes showed a change in the volume, and thickness of the brain, and the regions that were engaged in the processing of sound. The regions are usually referred to as auditory association areas and are usually located above the ears. One good measurement of brain maturity is cortical thickness. When children receive music training, they can show a difference in thickness in the auditory areas. So you can join a music school in Manhattan to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits.

How students can benefit from Music School in Manhattan

How students can benefit from Music School in Manhattan

How students can benefit from Music School in Manhattan


Are there any benefits of enrolling your child in a Manhattan music school? This is a question in the minds of many parents. Your child doesn’t have to be the next Beethoven, but he/she will definitely get some vital benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should enroll your kid in the music schools in New York.

Improving academic skills

Maths and music are highly intertwined. Once your kid understands rhythm, scales and beat, he/she will be learning how to create factions, recognize patterns, divide and much more, This means music can help wire the mind of the kid to understand the different areas of mathematics. As children grows older, they begin to recite song, improving their short-term and long-term memory. A mnemonic device is one way that can be used to develop memory skills.

The musical instrument classes will also introduce young kids to the basic physics. For instance, the violin will help the kid to understand sympathetic and harmonic vibrations. There are also various non-strong instruments like drums and vibraphone that will provide the child with the opportunity to explore the scientific principles.

Helps develop physical skills

There are various instruments like percussion that can help improve motor skills and coordination in children. These may need the movement of the arms, hands, and feet. These kinds of instruments are usually key for high energy children. Keyboard and string instruments such as the piano and violin will demand different actions from the left and right hand simultaneously. The only thing that instruments can help to do is to develop ambidexterity, but they also help encourage your kids to be comfortable in their natural positions.

Cultivates social skills

One good thing with group classes is they allow for peer interactions as well as communication, which can help improve teamwork since children need to collaborate to create the accelerando or crescendo. When the kid is playing an instrument in a very loud manner or even speeding it quickly, they will need to adjust. This helps the child to understand the role they need to play as part of a big ensemble.

Improves patient and discipline in kids

When children learn instruments at one of the music schools in New York, they understand the importance of delayed gratification. For instance, learning the piano requires a lot of patience. The group lessons where the students are taught how to play an instrument in an ensemble can also help improve the patience of the child as each child has to wait for his turn before playing the instrument.

Helps to boost self esteem

Music lessons can provide a forum for children to learn how to accept and even provide some constructive criticism. When negative feedback is turned into positive feedback, this kind of change can help build the kid’s self confidence. For instance, the group lessons can help kids understand that nobody including their peers is perfect, and we have areas that we can improve.

Children understands other cultures

When kids learn about the different kinds of instruments, they discover the role of music in different cultures. For instance, Timales and Bongos can help kids understand Cuban and African style of music.

Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar – 3 Great Songs

Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar – 3 Great Songs

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Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar – 3 Great Songs


Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar - 3 Great Songs


For beginners who want to learn to play the guitar lessons in Brooklyn adeptly, simple guitar songs can help you learn to play the guitar easily. These songs can easily be downloaded from various music sites online and may even be given to you via the many tutorials that help beginners learn how to play the guitar effectively. The great thing about these songs is that they are mainly made out of simple chord combinations that aren’t really hard to memorize and locate on the guitar. If you already have the basic knowledge of reading and locating chords on the guitar, you will be able to appreciate the numerous music sheets available online. So here are easy guitar songs for beginners.


As Tears Go By by The Rolling Stones

The first easy guitar song for you to learn is As Tears Go By, by The Rolling Stones. This song only has a few verses and ultimately, only five chords, A, D, G, C and E minor. This is a classic song and one that is very easy to play as a beginner. You can listen to it at https://bit.ly/2klJz1B


Friend of the Devil, by The Grateful Dead

The next easy guitar song is Friend of the Devil, by The Grateful Dead. This song has been done a number of ways by many artists since it was first created, but the important thing to remember is that it is very basic in its construction. This song only has four chords in the instrumental chorus, D, C, G, and A Minor. Visit https://bit.ly/2IYjCmT to listen to the song.


Help! by the Beatles

Finally, the last song is by one of the most popular bands of all time, Friend of the Devil, by The Grateful Deadly five chords are used, D, G, C, A and F minor. This song is quite simplistic to play as a beginner. Listen to the song at https://bit.ly/2x9jdsN


There are a variety of other easy guitar songs to play as a beginner; these are just a few to get you started. They are easier to learn for beginners as you simply need to have basic knowledge of the chord chart and how to locate these various chords on your guitar. If you are familiar with the specific songs you choose, it will be easy for you to try executing these songs while using the basic chords given in the music sheet. You will find out that songs that employ basic chord combinations are easy enough to execute. Find as many songs as possible and then try practicing executing them on your guitar.


As you get more and more comfortable playing these easy songs, you might even realize that you don’t anymore need to rely on the music sheet. You gradually get to memorize the different chord sequences and easily play the specific song to its fullest.


These simple guitar songs are those that are usually played via popular radio stations and the many times when you get to gather around with friends around the campfire. These songs don’t really need any advanced knowledge of the guitar so as to play them beautifully. All you really need is to know the basics and an added knowledge of how the song is played will help you along the way. Playing it by ear can also be easily done with these simple guitar songs. If you already know the chord sequencing it employs, you may improvise while accompanying your playing with actual singing.


As you get more comfortable with the simple chords, you are more able to appreciate the song and the emotions required of it. You may even plan to learn the more difficult songs when you get to master the simple songs you’ve already mastered. Practice will always help. Therefore, all you really need to do is practice executing these simple songs and then go to more advanced stuff after mastering them.


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For more questions, contact us at info@willanacademy.com or 646-838-3990. Willan Academy of Music offers piano lessons, singing lessons, and more in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.