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Private Music Lessons 

~ Willan’s music lessons/classes are for Children and Adults of all ages & skill levels~

Group Music Lessons 

~ Willan’s music lessons/classes are for Children and Adults of all ages & skill levels~

Learning music should be fun for everyone. The process should also be nurturing and highly specialized to meet the most unique needs of every student. Below are 3 main reasons why students are able to develop a genuine love for music with Willan’s music lessons.


1. We focus on developing the artistic abilities of our students

Students learn better when they learn using music that they like. Whether it’s music by Mozart, Greenday, the Beatles, Adele, Katty Perry or any other popular artist/band in the past or present, if the students like the music, they will automatically be motivated to learn the music as well as the theory behind the music.

This motivation will in turn drive the students to open up their hearts to explore and develop their artistic abilities to the highest levels possible. When a student is willing to learn, nothing can stop him/her.

In an effort to help our students develop their artistic abilities to the fullest, we pay close attention to each and every student’s musical preferences initially and strive to develop highly customized curriculums for them. 


2. We also emphasize on proper technique

Technique is an important part of music which is why we teach our students how to use their bodies correctly while playing instruments. As a result, our students are assured of maximum enjoyment for a lifetime when playing any instrument of their choice. What’s the point of learning how to play an instrument if you can’t play it effortlessly and enjoy while playing?

We understand the fact that music enriches our lives which is why we strive to ensure our students enjoy playing music. We help our students maximize their physical abilities through exercises which are carefully selected and crafted for each student. If you’re having trouble getting your kid/s active, bring them to Willan.


3. We offer a nurturing environment which is conducive for learning excellence

Every student possesses the ability to learn and master music provided they are taught in a conducive environment. This is precisely what we offer. We offer natural learning environments which help our students learn with ease, at their own pace and in their own language, the same way children learn to how to speak. All Willan teachers strive to ensure students learn excellence in a nurturing environment.


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