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Why learn scales on piano?


Learning piano is an exciting venture. But must you learn scales so as to be the perfect pianist? Scales are believed to be the theory that teaches you all you need to learn about playing the piano like a pro. They are actually not boring as many people believe. Learning and playing scales can be very interesting. They offer knowledge that any pianist will find useful.

First, it is important to understand what scales are. These are tones that belong to a certain key, that is, they belong together. Unlike chords which are played simultaneously, scales have more notes and are not played together. Both chords and scales are important in making you a great piano player.

So, why learn scales on piano? Here we look at some of the top reasons.


Better hand co-ordination

Playing the piano requires good hand co-ordination as well as that of the fingers. One of the best ways to develop this is to play the scales. Your finger strength will increase giving you better co-ordination. Though you can be able to attain this good co-ordination without playing the scales it will take you much longer. If you want to master the piano faster, then scales are a great idea. It is advisable to start this as soon as you commence the piano classes so the practice gives your fingers and hands the training they need.


Faster speed

Playing fast melodies can be very challenging especially for those who are just starting out. By learning scales, you learn the common patterns and are able to play fast melodies at the right speed. You will have strong hands that are swift and easy to move over the piano keys. Chords will only help you play better but scales help you play both better and faster.


Build confidence and become a better pianist

With knowledge on how to play scales, you will be able to play better. This comes with added confidence and esteem. The zeal to keep playing will increase and your skills will continue to grow. You will be confident and open to trying different kinds of music. No matter what kind of playing it is that you like, you will not be limited. From jazz to boogie woogie to classical, you will be able to learn it faster and be better at it. By learning scales, only the sky is the limit; you will be able to advance without any difficulties.


Become a better music composer

Understanding scales will make it much better for you to read, memorize and even compose music. You will be able to hear music and interpret it better. So if you have the dream of becoming a music composer you better put the best efforts in learning the scales.

It is important to note that the earlier you start practicing scales the faster you will be able to master them and the faster you will be able to learn how to play the piano. Your fingering tips will improve greatly and you will be a better pianist. Be sure to practice not just the major scales but the minor scales as well.


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