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How to Utilize the Learning Style of a Child to Your Favor


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In this world, we are quite different. Therefore, the manner in which we do some things is also different. The topic under discussion revolves around the methods in which kids learn. Each and every child has a different style of learning, of which the kid’s style may not prove to be as effective. When it comes to education, we can observe and note that the best way to assist your child is by trying to be of help by supporting the child to learn better by understanding his method of learning. So as to be able to do so, you first look at the weaknesses of your child and also the strengths of the child. In the areas that you will identify strengths, you may help the kid always to stay at par and in turn help the child to improve on the areas that you may observe weaknesses. By doing so, you may yield results that will prove to be very satisfactory.

The styles of learning come in quite a variety, as many as they are, you may not be familiar with some of the styles. In this context, we will just have a brief discussion about the seven most commonly used learning styles.

An essential fact to note when it comes to students is that each and every child will always fall into a different learning style category. So as to be of assistance to the boy, being able to identify the category into which each and every kid falls into is a significant discovery. When it comes to the formulation of an academic plan, that development will prove to be of great benefit to the kid.


Guitar lessons nyc for kids


Decoding of a Child

In the situation of identifying the learning style of a child, the most crucial part of the identification process is keen observation, most likely in an area whereby you can be able to take measurable results. For a case in which a child struggles to learn, you can be able to formulate ways in which the child will be able to find out more efficiently.

After familiarizing with the various learning styles of a child, it has also been advisable to become familiar with the different manners that are associated with each learning styles. When equipped with such knowledge, you may be able to be of great assistance to your child. Hence, we will now discuss the various methods of learning.


The 7 Learning Styles


1. Visual

Such a learning style involves students being able to associate images or pictures with information. When it comes to images, we are referring to graphs, photographs, and diagrams. Such a learning style is mostly suited to kids who typically prefer the use of images as compared to the sound which involves verbal communication. It has been noted that such children commonly understand the sole purpose of a project before starting to gain the knowledge.

In such a scenario, the best way to be of assistance to your kid is provision of visuals, which can act as supplements to the materials offered in the classroom. Hence the kid will be able to capture information in a manner that makes more sense to him.


2. Auditory

Kids that fall under this category normally have a better understanding when it comes to learning through verbal communication. Such a style comes in handy in the case of the traditional classroom layouts. In the traditional classroom layout, activities that would be carried out included explaining various things to each other in the classroom, reading out loud in the case of passages and stories and also speaking out loud in class. It has been noted that kids who fall under this category are known to be fond of challenges when it comes to languages such as grammar. It is also unfortunate to see that they may be noted to be slow readers. For such a case, we can conclude that kids who fall under this category are social learners.

If your child were known to fall under this category, a multimedia-based environment would be more suitable for the kid since lectures that are recorded as well as programs that air on the radio would come in handy. By doing this, and also ensuring that the kid is actively participating in group discussions, you will realize that you have been of great help in the case of the child’s academic life.


3. Verbal

Verbal is a style of learning that is mostly suited for kids who prefer learning through oral. They also have a tendency of enjoying the use of learning through images. Children who fall into this category are best known as very good readers who enjoy both readings so as to excel in school as well as reading for the purpose of pleasure. The central tendency that has been noted as common among such kids is the enjoyment of repetition of words as well as the tendency of always repeating what they have learned at school from time to time.

So as to be of assistance to your kid: Try to be part of the child’s academic life by always helping the youth by reading out some school work aloud and if possible more than once. In the long run, you may help your child to formulate ways of remembering what they have learned.


4. Physical

Physical is a style of learning that solely depends on the senses such as touch as well as the body so as to ensure that the kid grasps information in a manner suited to him. Such a child is frequently used to being involved in movement especially during a lecture. Also, the kids are also fond of using gestures by the use of the hands. Due to the various activities, the kids are involved in normally, we can see that they are always as active as possible. The only problem may arise due to the fact that they may need study breaks every now and then.

So as to be of assistance to your child: You may grant the kid permission to stroll around the class during lectures. Also try to ensure that the kid is always involved in hands-on activities.


5. Logical

Such a style of learning is suited to those who are usually with numerals. Such kids are splendid in the field of statistics. It is noted that such kids normally like order and they will always come up with a set of instructions that may prove to be of assistance to other students.
So as to be of assistance to your child: It is advisable to incorporate the “why” when performing a certain task. By doing so, the kid will be able to understand the main purpose of the exercise.


6. Social

In this case, we can briefly describe such kids as social learners. Hence, they are superb at communicating with various people and are good speakers as a result. They also enjoy writing. This style can work well for both small and large groups.

So as to be of help to your child: Ensure that the kid is involved in group work with the peers with whom they are at the same educational level. As a family, some study time that is preferably social may come in handy.


7. Solitary

For such a case, we can briefly categorize the kids who fall under this category as interpersonal learners. Such kids typically prefer having some study time that is usually personal.

So as to be of help to your child: Ensuring a suitable learning environment is available for your kid, an environment that is appropriate and has no distractions.

Any child may fall under any category, so it is good to be flexible when it comes to the styles of learning. Therefore, with a better understanding of the learning styles, you may be able to boost the academic performance of your child.


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