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I can’t express with words what an amazing experience this has been for my son. He absolutely loves the guitar class and teacher… my son’s teacher has always been beyond magnificent. I highly recommend this school for any family/children who might be exploring music classes. My son started when he was about 4 year old and now at 9 year old….

Anthony S. A father of a 9 year old son


…I give full credit to the expert, kid-friendly, and always age-appropriate instruction she receives. The best thing about this school is the number one ideal: that the kids enjoy playing music…

Karen B. A mother of a 8 year old daughter


My son is 13 and has been taking guitar lessons with Kenji Haba for over a year, and he comes out of each of his lessons envigorated. Mr. Haba’s understanding approach to teaching the guitar has been an effective tool to reach a child who was shut down to other music teachers before. Mr. Haba is a master music educator who knows how and when to challenge each child.

 Ines G. A mother of a 13 year old son


…Willan is an extension of all the dedication put into teaching music from very early ages. We are absolutely positive that our two children are happier, more engaged and sensitive in part thanks to the time that they have spent taking lessons there.

Alejandro M. A father of a 4 year old daughter and a 10 year old son


Willan Academy of Music is an amazing program. My children’s musical skills have developed so strongly with their teacher Kenji. And he is so attune to the needs and interests of each child, and he captivates their attention, meets them where they’re at, and encourages them as musicians and growing children. He is uniquely able to teach children across different attention and skill capacity.

Sabrina S. A mother of a 8 year old daughter and son

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Kenji is the founder of Willan Academy of Music. The eastern and western cultural experiences influenced him to be a unique and creative teacher. Kenji was raised in Japan, and came to US in 2001. Kenji believes that the learning of music is not simply to develop musical and technical skill, but to help develop students’ character through the study of music. Kenji received Master of Music in guitar performance from Manhattan School of Music in 2009. 

He is Suzuki trained guitar teacher and has taught various style of music, from Rock to Classical. Also, he teaches all ages from beginners to advanced levels. Kenji has taken a workshop with Michiko Yurko, the founder of Music Mind Game, to teach students music theory with tons of fun.

He is also an active solo musician and performed throughout the States, including in New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Nevada, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina as well as in Japan. In 2013, Kenji Haba was interviewed and appeared in Classical Guitar Magazine in England as well was Gendai Guitar in Japan. 

Brooklyn Guitar School


Zev Burrows is a composer for film, musical theatre, television, and production music libraries.

He received his Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, and has composed the scores for many award-winning projects. His recent credits include scores to the short film “Absent”, a Directors Guild of America award-winner, and the theatrical adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were none”, 2019 nominee for Outstanding Revival of A Play at the New York Innovative Theater Awards. His new musical “The Pledge” (book & lyrics by Mark Evan Chimsky) was selected for the 2019 Madison New Works Lab at James Madison University, and is currently developing multiple other original musicals.

He also regularly composes for the production music libraries MPATH Music Library, 4 Elements Music, Mibe Music, and Velvet Green Music, the latter of which released Zev’s first album “Diamond in the Rough”. 

NYC Guitar School


Guitarist Alejandro Cote is a versatile performer who has an extensive repertoire as both a solo and chamber musician. Recent performances include recitals in Atlanta, Austin, Houston and New York City as well as solo and chamber performances throughout the southeastern United States. Additionally, he has performed at Carnegie Hall, Schwartz Hall at Emory University, La Belle Alliance in Curacao, and Cas di Cultura in Aruba. Mr. Cote has been a featured performer at the Amelia Chamber Music Festival, the Madison Chamber Music Festival and the Water Island Chamber Music Festival in the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Cote studied at the Manhattan School of Music and at Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University. His principle teachers were David Leisner and Julian Gray. Cote has taught extensively and has experience teaching all ages and styles, including rock, classical and flamenco guitar. He has taught at Emory University, the Bloomingdale School of Music, and the NY Guitar Academy, and teaches young children in the New York City public schools.


Guitar Lessons in NYC:

(In-home classes are available in NYC, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.)

*These lessons in NYC are available for Children and Adults of all ages and skill levels

*Suzuki method sessions for kids (age 4+) are also available.


The classes provide students individual instruction with one of our NYC school’s faculty members and customize to the specific goals, needs and aspirations of each student regardless of experience or age. At Willan Academy of Music, we provide free consultation of classes in Brooklyn to identify and tailor to your specific needs. Students can participate in a variety of performance opportunities. We offer sessions for children (ages 4+) and adults in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The sessions can be arranged for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


We understand the difficulties involved in mastering a musical instrument; therefore, we ensure that each student is taught with care and given enough time to learn and grasp each skill. This is a place for students to progressively develop their musical skills over a course of time in NYC. Talent over time we like to call it!


Registration is open year-round, and guitar lessons can start at any time during the school year. For any questions, contact us at 646-838-3990 or email

Trial lessons are also available.

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