Practice Tips for Young Pianists

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog   8 Practice Tips for Young Pianists!     1.KEEP IT FUN! Always attempt to keep it fun. Music is a brilliant action. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from any negative feelings on what the youthful musician is...

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New York University Youth Music Festival

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog NYU Youth Music Festival at New York University: 7 students (Piano and Guitar) from Willan Academy was selected and performed at NYU Youth Music Festival on October14th. Everybody worked so hard to learn new compositions by NYU...

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NYU Youth Music Festival (Part 2) – Recording Session

New York University Youth Music Festival (Part 2) - Recording Session at James Dolan Music Recording Studio- On November 12, 2016, participants of NYU Youth Music Festival visited James Dolan Music Recording Studio at NYU and recorded the music that they have...

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FAQ by beginning guitarists

Home > Guitar Lessons > Blog   FAQ by beginning guitarists     FAQ by beginner guitarists focus on you, the beginning guitarist. I hope you find the information helpful. If you have questions not covered here, feel free to us.   How Regularly...

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Faculty Concert

Home > Singin Lessons > Blog FREE Opera for NYC Kids at 2pm on 10/9!! - Hensel & Gretel - Come check out a family-friendly interactive opera and enjoy beautiful singing. We are proud of our faculty, Aine Hakamatsuka (singing/piano teacher), who will be...

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Youth Music Festival at NYU 2016

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog   Some of Willan's students (Piano and Guitar) will be participating in this festival. Young musicians work with composer students at NYU and premiere their works. Congratulations! Youth Music Festival 2016 Youth Music Festival...

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What to expect at your first piano lesson?

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog What to expect at your first piano lesson?   Are you a parent who would want your kids learn a new skill on how to play a piano? Surely, letting your kids to learn how to play a piano is something fun and exciting in their lives....

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Good Posture – Student Practice

Home > Guitar Lessons > Blog Good Posture - Guitar Student Practice To keep good posture while playing an instrument can be touch. Well, maybe not at Willan Academy. This is how guitar students learn good posture! While balancing 10 starts, he successfully...

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Why Private Music Lessons

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog   Why private lessons??   Some beginner students think that learning to play a musical instrument is a daunting task. But, when a student works with a private skilled instructor, he or she gets the personalized one-on-one...

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2016 Youth Music Festival at NYU

Home > Piano Lessons > Blog     Youth Music Festival at NYU We are so excited to announce that Willan Academy will be a part of Youth Music Festival at NYU, directed by Dr. Youngmi Ha, Composition Faculty at New York University. 2016 is the second year...

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