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FAQ by Beginning Piano Players


Interesting facts about Christina Grimmie and Tiffany Alvord is they didn’t become sensations overnight. First they learned. How did they learn? Apparently they both begun as music enthusiasts and encouraged themselves to take piano lessons. Both begun by beginner pianist levels and eventually rose to being the best in their said instruments. Each learning some other instruments in the process but nonetheless both started learning the piano.


Learning the piano can be intimidating with all the ivory keys staring you in the face. Where to put your finger at the start of each note can sometimes scare learners. But fear no more, with practice tips and guidance, you will be a pro in no time.


It all starts from the basic. The equipment must be readily available for you to practice. It could be your own baby grand piano or a barrowed keyboard, whatever works for you. When you have that checked off your list, you can now start learning notes. Reading and understanding the dynamics of notes on sheet music will make your learning half the battle. The tricky part is reading the notes like it was written in the English language.


After learning your sheet music and the notes you now progress to learning which from the 88 keys on the keyboard you are to hit when you start playing. Knowing properly which keys to push when making a note is important. When you have learned the notes on the keyboard you are all set to start playing your favorite piano pieces.


Know that a beginner pianist always starts with the basic. Follow your instructor or sheet music and a lot practice time every day and you will be on your way to mastering the piano in no time. Keep in mind that nothing is built overnight. You have to commit yourself into learning and making mistakes from time to time to eventually be good at your craft. Start with a simple song you can easily master before moving to pieces from Bach or Mozart. It’s always good to start with the preliminaries and work your way up the difficult ones. Good luck.


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