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Tips to motivate your child to practice a piano

Motivating your child to practice a piano can be a tough and challenging task. But if you want to establish a bright musical future for your child, you have to find ways to pique his or her desire to practice piano music. Getting your junior to practice a piano with excitement and eagerness is half the battle. The other half of the battle is in finding and using a systematic practice routine to aid the child to develop superior piano skills.


To encourage your son or daughter to practice frequently, you have to understand human nature and basic child behavior. You also need to discover what excites and bores your child, so that you will be able to capitalize on opportunities and improve on the negatives. For example, taking an extremely rigid and disciplinary approach to learning piano can do more harm for your child than good. It might cause him or her to perceive the piano lessons as personal torture. “Forcing” your child to learn piano can lead to boredom and lack of interest to practice. Instead of pushing your junior to train, it is good to come up with creative means on how to spur their interest and curiosity to learn and comprehend the piano.


One of the best ways to encourage your child to train is to hire a teacher that he or she likes and feels comfortable with. Hire am instructor who is not only an a pro in music but an individual who naturally likes kids as well.


Another good suggestion is to expose your child to music in your home. More often, desire and motivation to learn an instrument come from music appreciation itself. A terrific way to let your child become exposed to good music is to fill your home with the sound of soothing songs and tunes on a regular basis.


Playing the piano should be enjoyable. One of the ways to encourage children to play is to make sure that they can play some pieces that they enjoy playing. Encourage them to choose a piece or two that they like to play as a warm up for each practice session. They can play these fun pieces before playing their assigned pieces. This will allow them to spend some time enjoying the piano as well as warming up for the real practice time.


More often, motivating your child and causing him to naturally look forward to piano music practice takes a long time. You have to maintain your patience and become more creative in finding ways on how to stimulate a desire to learn. Be firm and decisive about your intention to let your child learn piano music, but also become flexible and open minded when the practice sessions start becoming a burden for your child.


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