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The history of stringed instruments dates as far back as the 9th century in Europe but it was not until the 1530s that the violin was proved to be in existence. This was in paintings by an Italian man called Gaudenzio Ferrari but the instruments had three strings. The modern violin is believed to have been created by Andrea Amati, an Italian luthier. It is believed that violins were developed from different string instruments and has been undergoing many changes to be the modern violin we all know. In the 16th and 17th centuries in particular, there were several changes made by luthiers like Jakob Stainer and Antonio Stradivari. The designs made then remain to date and are used as templates in creating the modern violins.


The violin is one instrument that has several parts of components. All these work together to give the sweet melodies that can be heard when the violin is struck with a bow. The bow is held on one hand and the instrument on the other. The bow has a wooden stick which the player holds and horse hair that rubs against the strings on the violin. The violin itself has the hollow body which works to amplify the sound, a neck that extends from the body and has the fingerboard where the player presses the strings down. There is also a peg box at the end of the neck which is used to adjust the tuning and tightness of the strings. On the face of the body are the f-holes from which the sound is heard, the bridge that stops vibrations of the strings from travelling to the body and tailpiece where the string ends connect. The violin also has four strings and a chin rest. To add to its beauty is a scroll found at the end of the neck.


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Learning to play the violin will be a challenging journey but a worthwhile one in the long run. With the right teacher you will; be able to learn fast and perfect your skills in a short while. You will however be required to work hard and spare a lot of time to practice. Before you know it you will be playing like a professional violinist.


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