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A Quick Summary of Romantic Music


Romantic music was emotional and highly expressive encompassing philosophical, artistic, and literary themes. It emphasized greatly on lyrical melodies in addition to dramatic contrasts. Moreover, the texture was homo-phonic and the rhythm changed frequently in terms of time signatures and tempo.


Eras Closely Associated With Romantic Music

The Romantic Period lasted from 1825 to 1900. It preceded the Impressionist Era, but it succeeded the Classical Period. Beethoven helped usher in Romantic Music. His works early in life reflecting classical influences yet his work later in later years reflected Romantic styles. One important fact about the Romantic Era was that it helped break down the rigid standards established by classical composers. For example, Romantic composers embraced new instruments in their compositions.


Instruments used in Romantic Music

The arpeggione defined this period. It is a guitar-shaped cello played with a bow. Other instruments that were in regular use during this time included the bass tuba, the saxophone, and the trumpet. Furthermore, the popularity of triangles, bells, and celestas increased significantly during this era making musical performances colorful and exciting.


Prominent Composers of Romantic Music

Franz Liszt

Liszt was a prolific Hungarian composer and an unparalleled pianist during his time. He was friends with his contemporaries including Frederic Chopin, Richard Wagner, and Edward Grieg among others. Interestingly, he promoted their music as well. Liszt was also famous because he invented the symphonic poem, an orchestral piece that brings out the emotions in a poem.


Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin was a celebrated Polish composer and a great virtuoso pianist. Born in 1810, Chopin became a French citizen in 1835. Interestingly, he was a friend of Franz Liszt. Two hundred and thirty of his works exist today. Most of them are compositions for a solo piano. However, he also wrote a few piano concertos, chamber pieces, and Polish songs.


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