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(In-home lessons are available in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.)
*Violin lessons are available for Children and Adults of all ages and skill levels


Violin Lessons for Kids – A Rewarding Experience Like No Other!


Literally speaking, classical music is in a class of its own. There is something so heavenly and pleasing about it that everyone, at the very least, can appreciate. If you stop and listen, you’ll find that one instrument tends to edge out the rest; the violin. Young violinists (aged 4 and above) get to experience the joys of touching people’s hearts through this form of music that not only does wonders for them as musicians, but as individuals too! Here are 3 more amazing benefits your child can experience as a little violinist.


Disciplined Kids Go the Farthest

There is great discipline involved in playing the violin. Every minor detail matters; holding the instrument and bow correctly, placing your chin in the right area, as well as the spacing between your feet. It takes months and hours of daily practice before all these skills come naturally to young kids. The strict nature of playing a violin helps them to learn the importance of discipline and what it means to play by the rules. In a world like ours today, it is the lack of discipline in young kids that encourage future troublemakers.


Lessons in Teamwork that Go Beyond Music

To be successful in life, you have to learn how to work together with other people. When you’re part of an orchestra or band, you are taught the importance of working as a team and what it means to hold up your end of responsibility. Kids want to feel appreciated and make their friends and family proud; therefore, being a part of a team will encourage them to work harder. This also helps them to adapt in social settings and future jobs that require working and getting along with people.


The Unparallel Rewards of Playing the Violin

You may not see or hear the use of violins in commercial music today, but if you watch popular talent shows on TV, you’ll find some incredible little violinists leaving judges and audiences stunned. Even on the small stage, the violin connects and touches people in a way that cannot be matched by other instruments. For a young violinist to be the reason behind the applause, appreciation and such heartfelt reactions, it is the most priceless reward a child can receive.


Violin Lessons NYC:

Violin lessons NYC provide students individual instruction with one of Willan Academy’s faculty members and customize to the specific goals, needs and aspirations of each student regardless of experience or age. At Willan Academy of Music, we provide free consultation to identify and tailor to your specific needs. Private lesson students can participate in a variety of performance opportunities including recitals. We offer lessons for children (ages 4+) and adults. Violin lessons for kids are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

We understand the difficulties involved in mastering a musical instrument; therefore, we ensure that kids are taught age appropriately and given enough time to learn and grasp each skill. This is a place for students to progressively develop their musical skills over a course of time. Talent over time we like to call it!

Students register for 16-weeks of lessons for Spring and Fall Semester. Any number of lessons during summer. Registration is open year-round. For any questions, contact us at 646-838-3990 or email info@willanacademy.com.
Trial lessons are also available.

Private lessons can start at any time during the school year.

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violin lessons for kids

Violin Lessons for Kids

Willan Academy of Music

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Phone: 646-838-3990
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