Guitar Lessons NYC:

(In-home lessons are available in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.)
*Guitar lessons NYC are available for Children and Adults of all ages and skill levels
*Suzuki method guitar lessons for kids (age 4+) are also available.


A Guitar Star – What Most Kids Dream of Becoming

Perhaps the most loved and popular instrument of them all, the guitar is a hot favorite among young, aspiring musicians. The musical possibilities are endless with guitars and that is one of the main reasons why parents should encourage taking their 4+ old kids to start guitar lessons. Especially in this day and age where new music genres are being created on computers and consoles, it is important teach our kids the true grit, heart and soul of music. Here’s how guitar lessons for kids can benefit your child musically and personally.


Coordination Skills at Their Sharpest

There is immense hand-eye coordination required in truly mastering the guitar. As difficult as it is to learn, this will ultimately become a lifelong skill that kids will be using even in their old age! Moreover, the sharper your kid’s coordination skills are, the greater guitarist he/she will be. Grasping quick coordination skills at a ripe age between 5 and 9 will make it easier for young kids to dabble into other instruments later on.


A Creative Way to Let Imaginations Run Wild

It’s only natural for kids to daydream and come up with all kinds of crazy fantasies. But as your child learns how to play chords on a guitar, their focus completely shifts and their wild imaginations are then converted into creativity. The more they learn, the more excited they become to write and create original music. There are no limits to making music and that’s why young kids are more motivated to put in the extra time to practice the guitar.


Strumming Away to Confident Days

The increased confidence in kids that play instruments is very evident. You will notice a major boost in your own child’s confidence as he/she starts to master guitar chords. It is the self-satisfaction of getting it right that instantly increases the child’s confidence, not just as a musician, but in general as well. With their newfound confidence, kids will lose their shyness and awkwardness in social settings and carry it with them as they mature.


Why NYC children and adults choose Willan for their guitar lessons?

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Guitar Lessons NYC

Guitar lessons NYC provide students individual instruction with one of Willan Academy’s faculty members and customize to the specific goals, needs and aspirations of each student regardless of experience or age. At Willan Academy of Music, we provide free consultation to identify and tailor to your specific needs. Private lesson students can participate in a variety of performance opportunities including recitals. We offer lessons for children (ages 4+) and adults. Guitar lessons for kids are 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

We understand the difficulties involved in mastering a musical instrument; therefore, we ensure that kids are taught age appropriately and given enough time to learn and grasp each skill. This is a place for students to progressively develop their musical skills over a course of time. Talent over time we like to call it!

Students register for 16-weeks of lessons for Spring and Fall Semester. Any number of lessons during summer. Registration is open year-round. For any questions, contact us at 646-838-3990 or email
Trial lessons are also available.

Private lessons can start at any time during the school year.
PianoSinging, Flute, and Saxophone lessons are also available.

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guitar lessons nyc

Guitar Lessons for Kids

In home guitar lessons nyc

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