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What to expect at your first piano lesson?


Are you a parent who would want your kids learn a new skill on how to play a piano? Surely, letting your kids to learn how to play a piano is something fun and exciting in their lives. This may make them see you as a hero in their lives. This is why your kids need in-home piano lessons, NYC. Here is a guide on what to expect at your first piano lessons:


When you want your kid to learn on how to play a piano, you should know what to expect from your teacher. Your kid should know the important things that they need to work on when planning to play a piano. If you can buy your kid an acoustic piano, you will always find it as the best instrument tuned by any professional piano technician prior to your teacher arriving since it produces sound that many people enjoy listening.


For those parents who want their kids to learn on how to play an electronic keyboard, we often suggest that the keyboard should have at least working 61 keys. The parents should provide their kids with a room that is quiet with no external noise or interruptions since this will make them concentrate when learning. This will give your kids the best chance to their focus during lessons.


What will your kids learn at their first lesson?

Every parent should encourage kids to have fun when learning how to play a piano by taking in-home piano lessons, NYC. At your first, the piano teacher will assess your kid’s current musical skills. The teacher can also use tutorials that will enable them from tutorials or playing it well through the ear. Your kids should be able to learn on the basic skills how to play the piano that includes correct posture, finger curving, hand position and wrist placement.


In these cases, most teachers will always use a method book like the Bastien or Alfred beginner methods. In these books, your kids will learn on the detailed sequential exercises, which will help them with all of the best techniques. It is also important that they learn on introduction to the keyboard especially on the patterns of black and white as well as how to play them.


After a brief keyboard overview, teachers often teach simple rhythms. The kids will also learn on the difference between quarter and half note to help them learn on songs as well as how to compose the rhythms. Another key first lesson skill your kids will learn should be on how to place their finger numbers. These skills will help them understand learn how to play the keyboard well.


What do your kids do after their first lesson?

Your kids will always have book assignment with detailed notes on what things you should to practice during the week. Generally, the course has less writing (theory) as opposed to practical. The musical notation will enable them be familiar with keyboard, finger and hand positions when playing the piano.


How long until your kids can see results? 

We at in-home piano lessons, NYC often get this common question. When your kids practice well, they will always get results in less than 30 days. During their lessons, they will always find it fun and exciting, which encourages them to learn more.


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