What is Suzuki method?


The Suzuki method was developed more than forty years ago by Shinichi Suzuki, a prominent Japanese violinist. After observing how easily young children learn their native language, he realizes that he could apply the same principals of language to facilitate the learning of the music. He called his method as the mother-tongue approach. He believed that “musical ability is never an inborn talent rather is ability that could be developed. Any kid who is well trained can produce musical ability, like all kids develop that ability to speaking their vernacular. The potential of each child is unlimited”. As you can see, the Suzuki method targets young children, but if you are not a kid anymore and desire to start learning the violin, don’t be afraid, it can also be very effective for students in any age.


Parent Involvement

So when a child knows how to talk, the parent also is greatly involved on the music learning of their children. They attend those lessons with their kids and serve like “home teachers” throughout the week.parents usually learns playing a given instrument before the kid, so that she or he understands what their children are supposed to do. Therefore, parents work together with the instructor to create a pleasant learning environment.

The early years of a child are essential for enhancing mind processes and also muscle organization. Listening to harmony should start at birth; formal education may start at age of three or four years, but it’s never late to start.

Working with children can be touch, but there are so many useful techniques you may apply. Practice Tips for Young Violinists

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Benefits of Suzuki Violin:

  1. The young child studies music as naturally as it does it’s native language
  2. Instruments are scaled down to size to fit comfortably in small hands
  3. Group playing encourages camaraderie, support and also the ability to play in unison at an early age
  4. Frequent opportunity to play before an audience gives confidence and also natural ability to play before a crowd
  5. Giving a child the gift of music grants them the gift of accomplishment not just in music, but other disciplines, like the math and the capability to evaluate reasonably
  6. A peer group of other players, interested in Suzuki Violin sets a good foundation for future peers
  7. A Suzuki Violin teacher provides not only learning but encouragement, helping and the nurturing essential to growing a talented and confident violinist


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