Music schools are everywhere! The truth is, you can always find one right around the corner if you wanted to. However, when you need a ‘great’ music school, you quickly discover that they are quite scarce. It hardly matters if you need a music school for yourself or for children. The daunting nature of the search is the same.

What you need, is to determine if the school you choose has the elements of a great school. Consider what benefits you would get from taking music lessons in New York City with your school of choice. To guide you in making the right decisions, we have put together the elements to look out for.

We are well informed about these qualities because we are a great music school in New York City. At Willan Academy of Music, we assure you of only the best. Read on to learn more.




1. Lessons offered

The first element you want to look out for is the type of lessons offered by the school. If the school doesn’t offer the music lessons you need, then there’s no reason to consider them at all. The ideal option, is a school that has a wide range of music lessons. This way you can learn what you came for and even get inspired to explore other music lessons. At Willan Academy of Music, we offer a broad range of classes to suit your every need. You can navigate our website to find out more about these lessons. They include piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, flute lessons, saxophone lessons, and singing lessons.


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2. Location

It is important to consider the location of the music school before committing to it. Easy transportation is important to avoid physical and financial stress on your lessons. Willan Academy of Music is a New York City music school close to you. We are strategically located at Madison Avenue in New York City.


3. School philosophy

When it’s time to go to college, students experience some of the most pressurizing moments of their lives. They equally face confusion because all they want is a college that is a good fit for them. What this really means is that the students are trying to vet the college philosophies to determine what option would suit them best.

In the same way, you must consider the music school philosophy and determine if it is good for you. This is important because you would be spending creative moments in the school and literally place your musical career in their hands. It is a make or break deal. Every New York Music School stands for something.

At Willan Academy of Music, we believe in your ‘will’. We developed our name ‘Willan’ from this philosophy. When anyone has the will to learn or transform their musical gifts, we are here to help them bring out the best. We offer a music school where children and adults can develop a love for music and explore their abilities to the fullest. Is this philosophy something you can understand and fit into? Then become a part of us.


4. Teachers

The teachers at any school ultimately determine a student’s experience. Hence, this is a vital element to consider. A good music school should have the best teachers who are not just professional in their skills, but compassionate, patient, and effective. They should be able to pass on what they know for the students to learn and become masters themselves.

Willan Academy is always proud to talk about our teachers. They are highly skilled people with a passion to allow others to explore music with them. The high number of successful students are proof of their efficiency. The teachers at Willan Academy know how to reach out to an adult class or children class. We mentor our teachers to give them the right orientation towards the goal and philosophy of our school. This way every lesson is of high quality and consistency.


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5. Working towards your goals

Music lessons in New York City are meant to shape and direct you towards your goals. Most music students have goals and purposes for learning. Do you want a creative outlet, a way to stay connected to music, or are you working towards a career in music? No matter your goal, the music school you choose must provide guidance and support.

Willan Academy of Music wants to see you grow and blossom into a paragon of creativity and talent. It is our dream for every student. Hence, we work to help you become the musician of your dreams, or give you the opportunities to just develop that deep musical connection. Whatever you desire is what we provide.


6. Students

A children’s music school is no place for an adult. You have to know the type of students in a musical school before learning there. A good music school is diverse. It should offer music lessons in New York City to adults and children alike. This creates room for diversity and the development of different levels of skill. This is exactly what you get from Willan Academy of Music. We are a great music school not just because of the classes we offer, but because we have created a community of people willing to learn. We have several adults and children learning, and this creates the perfect foundation for everyone to blossom.


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7. What do people say?

Greatness never hides, and this is something you can count on to identify a good music school. Make proper research to learn what past students say about a school. Check reviews, testimonials, and opinions. Listening to both the good and the bad helps you to determine if the school is what you want.

Now you are well informed on the elements of a good music school, it should be much easier to make a choice. Remember to always think of what is best for you, your schedule, your musical goals, and much more. We hope to be the school you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.