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Want to Overcome Stage Fright?


Stage fright is one of the worst nightmares for many violinists, especially during solo concerts. There is a tendency to feel nervous or shaky when you are performing in front of your audience. Would you let the stage fright jeopardize your performance? Obviously, you will want to make a compelling presentation regardless of the size of the audience. Don’t worry because there are surefire ways that can help you overcome stage fright. Just follow these tips, and you will entertain your audience without any fear.



This will help ease the tension, which can help you relax your mind and steady your playing. Eating a banana can ease the nauseous feeling in your stomach. Moreover, the chewing gum can reduce the tension in your jaw. Stretching your legs, arms, shoulders, and back is another perfect way to relax your body.



Meditating in the morning or an hour before performance is the perfect way to overcome the stage fright. Close your eyes, fold your legs, and rest your hands on your lap. Then focus on your performance rather than anything else.


Avoid caffeinated drinks

Taking caffeine on the day of performance can make you feel nervous. Instead, you use other drinks that will give you energy to perform in front of your audience.


Laugh as much as possible

Watch a funny movie or a comedy morning before the performance. Also, you can hang around the funniest people who can make you laugh. This will relax your mind and ease nervousness.


Arrive early

You will feel less nervous if you show up earlier than your audience. In this case, you will have more control of the room and conquer the stage fright.


Talk to your audience

Chatting with your audience before the presentation will make you more comfortable. In this case, you will see the members of your audience as ordinary people like you.


Stage fright is a prevalent problem that many singers fight with while making presentations. However, these tips will eliminate the anxiety even if you are doing a presentation in front of large audience.


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