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Top Prosperous Singers Of All Time


Music is therapy. Endorsed with a particular gold in their voice empowering our senses, singers free our moods and help us to express our sentiments. With a spurt in talent all over the globe, successful musicians have their niche in the music industry, becoming a greater part of our lives daily lives. If music runs within your veins, then you got to know about these top prosperous singers of all time!


Charlie Puth

By now, everyone should at least know puth’s most famous song, if not truly who he is. Charlie sings the tender, depressed hook with Khalifa’s “See You Again.” His smooth voice is unique for the lyric to the fallen actor Paul Walker and the Furious 7 soundtrack cut, that quickly rocketed to best on charts around the globe and went on to tie the album for the longest-running best rap song ever. The track could have been his glory hit, but it’s not just the only hit in his repertoire. Puth’s own single, “Marvin Gaye,” that features Meghan Trainor is also today a world hit, and he’s only just touching the start.


Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat is an Australian singer-songwriter who got his music break, as many do nowadays, from a cover he made one more act’s chart-topper. His variant of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” enabled him to step into the spotlight, and happily, he had plenty of excellent element to back up his great blogosphere-ignited fame. His trademark style of pop is not anything you’d hear at the restaurant, but somewhat one that is mysterious, darker, and often a hushed explosion of a wonderful production. “Open Season” is a classic example of how his untroubled vocals can work perfectly on a rather large song.



Asian Pop goddess Coco Lee from Hong Kong and today residing in the U.S is one of the most popular pop singers under the Asian region. She is among most cherished pop singer and the recent winner of the title Miss Chinese-America. Although residing and getting a breakthrough in the US, this diva still rocks the Asian musicology chartbusters record.


James Bay

Now a huge favorite in Europe and all over the globe, Bay yet has some room to build in America. Earlier he’d even released his debut record, Chaos and the Calm, Bay had then won a Brit Award, that is essentially the UK’s variant of the Grammys. Long used and remarkably humble, Bay is all you imagine in a common singer-songwriter, but his ability is oversized. “Hold Back the River” is a frenzied if it hasn’t already heard.


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