Are you an acoustic piano player who is looking to invest in a good quality and easy-to-play acoustic piano? Look no further, because we have rounded up the very best brands in this category so that you can select the best brand for your needs. Here are our top 5 acoustic piano brand recommendations.



1. Bechstein

The acoustic piano community will recognize the Bechstein brand as being synonymous with top quality and precision engineering. This brand fulfills the demands of the most demanding acoustic piano players in the industry, delivering wonderful, full sound that meets the approval of even the most skeptical fan.

A Bechstein piano can be fine-tuned to the players unique specifications. This, however, does not mean that anything is compromised in the piano’s construction – quite the contrary! These models will last you for generations to come and thousands will enjoy the dynamic sound a single acoustic piano produces.

Possibly the best features of this brand include solid and responsive touch of the keys, allowing the player to have complete control of the sound range as well as the resonance. This brand is really the ultimate when it comes to precision, quality and sound production. Claude Debussy even stated that, “Piano music should only be written for the Bechstein” while Franz Liszt commented that, “I have been playing your instruments for 28 years now, and they have maintained their supremacy.” This should be enough to convince you of the sheer impressiveness of this brand!

Bechstein pianos normally range from 5′ 6″ to 9’2″ in length and there are several styles in this brand that can reach up to 51.5″.



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2. Steinway & Sons

When one thinks of the Steinway & Sons brand, images of beautiful pianos always come to mind. Don’t be fooled, though, because this brand manufactures models that are not only good to look at but also made according to the strictest standards of workmanship and quality. In fact, the word “compromise” simply does not form part of the company’s vocabulary!  All Steinway & Sons pianos are made by hand, as has been their tradition since 1853.

Currently, most of the world’s foremost pianists will choose a Steinway & Sons make acoustic piano as their brand of choice. This is easy to see why when you consider their many excellent features. The typical Steinway grand piano can range from 5′ 1″ to 9′ in length, which is the perfect size for a grand piano.

Steinway & Sons have always had a unique way of delighting their customers. For example, you can purchase a Special Crown Jewel Collection Grand Piano which come in exquisite, exotic and rare wooden cases.

The Model M is particularly popular, is 5’7’ in length and come in beautiful Chippendale and Louis XV cases. In addition, you can also buy special edition and personalized art case pianos and there is a wide range of vintage and beautifully restored Steinway & Sons pianos available.

Steinway & Sons have also designed the Boston and Essex brand of pianos.
The Boston make is considered to be of the utmost in excellent quality and workmanship and is perfect for those who want to produce brilliant music and enjoy state-of-the-art technology. As mid-price pianos, the Boston make is affordable and great value. It is used widely at music festivals, such as Tanglewood, Bowdoin, Aspen and Brevard and frequently receives the best reviews from the top music publications, music conservatories, artists and piano teachers throughout the world.

The Boston is normally laminated in a vertical fashion and is reverse crowned in their upright and grand models so that the player can produce the very best sound transfer from the bridges to the soundboard. The popular Wisconsin Hard Maple features multi-directional and laminated tuning pins so that the piano will always have a tight fit. In addition, the bass strings boast solid copper windings as well as the best quality Roslau treble strong wires which deliver exceptional tone.

Essex models are the ultimate in excellent engineering and the latest design. As with all Steinway & Sons models, the company provides unlimited technical assistance while the Essex models are being manufactured. They also ensure that all models are made to their strict specifications and, before a model is put up for sale, it is inspected by Steinway & Sons’ highly trained and expert team of professionals to ensure that quality standards are met. Essex models feature a rim shape that is around 6% bigger than other pianos of the same size. This means that the soundboard is naturally larger and can produce a fuller and much richer sound. All Essex models are made with 100% wood and never plastic to maintain the durability, control and responsiveness that they are known for. They also have Steinway & Sons hammers which boast top-grade metal fasteners and felt to deliver exceptional performance.


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3) Baldwin

Founded in 1862, Baldwin has been producing high quality pianos that please players and listeners alike. Possible the most popular of their models is the dearly loved Baldwin Artist Grand Piano which ranges from 5′ 2″ to 9′ in length. They are also well-known for the 48” and 52” Concert Vertical models, as well as the 43.5” Acrosonic and Classical Vertical Piano models.


4) Seiler

A European brand, Seiler is one of the continents top piano manufacturers. They have been in business since 1849 and they have a good reputation for producing perfect quality models. If you are looking for a model that has been made to the best levels of craftsmanship, precision, excellence and quality, then this is the brand for you! They have a large range of Grand and Vertical pianos with beautiful wood finishings (such as Burl Peacock Maple and Rosewood).


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5) Knabe

Knabe pianos are all hand-made and are also actually the only hand-made models that are made according to ISO 9001 standards. Buying a Knabe model means that you will benefit from some of the best tonal quality, Renner action and hammers and the premium Pratt Reed spruce keys. Other impressive features include its hand-notched bridges, the taut German Roslau strings, spruce beams, the sand-cast iron plating and the premium oak and maple rim. When it comes to performance, Knabe is a world leader: they make a full range of professional studio, console models and great quality upright pianos.

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