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Tips to Motivate Your Child to Practice Singing


Are you looking for a greater way of instilling a good music learning culture for your kid? If so, then be my guest and get hands-on tips on how you can make it happen. Perhaps, it may not be easy especially with arts education diminishing in various schools. Music not only improves brain functioning and development but is also a great mentoring tool. Alongside taking your kid to a qualified trainer, you too can contribute to nurturing the talent of your child. How they practice, how they are criticized, how they handle failures and how you praise them do play a significant role in their music careers. Better singing comes from a consistent commitment to day to day practice. Here are tips on how you can motivate, engage and make your kid love music practice.



Inspire them by talking about music

Take an opportunity to expose them to great musicians. Find out the songs they love most and sing along with them during family nights, road trips and nature walks. Before going to bed, spare 5-10 minutes of your time to sing a beautiful song with them.


If your kid is shy, give them private lessons

It is true that your child can be a bit shy to practice music while at home. Never give up rather consider scheduling them private lessons with their favorite trainers. Remember that practice is practice when it is private. Let them do it privately.


Praise their efforts and not abilities

Praising intelligence can make your child take few risks. However, praising effort encourages them to move ahead.


Slow practice is very productive

When your kid goes slow in practice, they can have the time to sense and fix mistakes. If your kid is slow, know that they will come out with better skills.

Singing lessons are healthy for your kid’s development. It is crucial in laying a solid foundation for their music careers. Schedule a private music practice for your kid at home and help them realize their potentials.


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