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Three Common Mistakes That Most Beginner Pianists Do


Our piano teachers have identified many common mix-ups that most beginners to learning how to play the piano for the most part have. They are very easy to rectify yourself as long as you know about them: how about we investigate them?


1) When they first begin playing piano beginners tend to touch everywhere with their hands, but what you have to acknowledge is that occasionally you can simply move your fingers without moving out of your original hand position. Observe the tunes and the notes in them, look down at your hand position and observe this point. The key to this is to keep your hands low and just move positions when you truly require as well.


2) Many beginners look down at their hands when they are playing – this is OK to accomplish for as a less than a dependable rule, but you have to attempt to get into the propensity for LOOKING UP. This won’t just make you more certain as a musician it will help you with your playing skills, as you are using different senses to feel where the notes are etc.


3) Speeding – There a few parts of a tune that tend to be easier in which they comprise of less notes. A typical beginner mistake is that they tend to speed around these parts and then back off dramatically when a more complex section of the tune takes after.

It is significantly easier to learn the entire melody gradually, and then play it faster when one gets more familiar, than to change a habit of slowing down midway.


Final note

Why not have a go at learning some basic melodies on piano that are ideal for beginner, and just implement what you have learned from this piece of article? Enjoy playing piano in a simple and easy way!


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