If you are in the market for a new premier acoustic guitar, take a look at our top recommendations! Premier guitar scene has been changing so fast as technology advances.


6. Taylor Builder’s Edition V-Class K14CE


This premier model is certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to electro acoustics and build! If you love a pared down vintage look which has a modern touch, then this one is definitely worth considering! With its V bracing technology, it offers you exceptional, Grand Auditorium-style playing. As you would expect from a premier guitar, the build is of the best quality workmanship you will find out there. You will love the dark brown ebony wood board with its classy and lighter-colored koa purling stripe which sits in the binding. The detail in this guitar’s build is really out of this world if you consider the aged-gold Gotoh tuners, the green abalone dots and the amazing ebony bridge-pins. Of course, owning the V-Class is so much more than great quality build – it’s also about how it feels to play this instrument. There is no beating the enhanced comfort and intonation of the V-class which makes it a well sought-after model if you have the money!



5. Guild Traditional D-55

Fans of thin-necked dreadnoughts will go crazy over the Guild Traditional D-55! Based on the 14-fret Martin guitar’s dreadnought, the Guild Traditional D-55 has a D profile, meaning it offers comfortable, 1st position chord with amazingly low action. This is definitely a good-looking model if you consider its glossy neck and impressive string separation. Owners of this beautiful model really appreciate the Adirondack bracing, the dynamic range, as well as its definition. Whether you play hard or soft, the sound will be resonant, full, loud and incredibly alive! As one of the foremost American guitar names, you can be assured of top quality tone and the very best in high quality craftsmanship. However often you use it, this premier guitar is a wonderful workhorse and will be your musical companion through thick and thin!


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4. Gibson Montana Hummingbird

The Gibson Montana Hummingbird features world class projection and sonics, exceptional build and is probably one of the best models when it comes to acoustics! Players of this popular, yet top quality guitar appreciate the simplicity of play and its ability to make you feel like you will strike the right chord every time. It has a very slim neck that has a radius of only 12 inches and the color is certainly one you will need to get used to. However, if you own this guitar, you will definitely stand out! You will be admired for your guitar’s blushing finish, ornate decoration and discrete LR Baggs Element VTC system offering plug-in power. The sound quality is some of the very best and it is a dream to play. All in all, this model is extremely difficult to pass up!


3. Taylor 612ce 12-fret

If you would like to own a maple wood guitar (with impressive acoustics), a stunningly attractive slotted headstock and smaller scale length, the look no further than the Taylor 612ce 12-fret! As part of Taylor’s 600 series, this model features a highly desirable spruce top with classy maple wood back and sides. Once you have owned the Taylor 612ce 12-fret for a few years, you will begin to notice the spectacular wood aging process which is accelerated via heat! The shape, form and build of this model is literal perfection and it is one of the most comfortable acoustic guitars out there to play! Although you will find that the tone is typical of that of a regular maple guitar, it is much more refined and will give you full, rich sound every time. It is also fun and incredibly easy to strum out chords with its great finger style. The Taylor 612ce 12-fret comes highly recommended if you are on the look out for something that is ecologically sound but also offers exceptional tonal quality.


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2. Collings CJ35 

Yes, the Collings CJ35 is one of the most expensive acoustic guitars on the market, but what you pay in money is certainly made up for in terms of the joy of playing and the best quality around! There is no doubt about it: this guitar is incredibly luxurious and personifies guitar-playing perfection. You will enjoy every minute of playing due to its meticulous attention to detail in the build. This guitar is all about the tiny, little details: attractive and unique body binding, the beautiful walnut strip and the impressive mahogany back. As a lightweight acoustic guitar, picking it up and playing is an absolute breeze! You will also be amazed at the wonderfully rich depth of tone that will be difficult to find elsewhere. If you are lucky enough to afford this beauty of a guitar, it will last you a lifetime and you will enjoy many years of fun playing!


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1. Martin D-28

The Martin D-28 is one of the very best when it comes to balance and clarity! The dreadnought has been enhanced and feels amazing when playing and you will be highly impressed at the look and feel of this work of art. The Martin brand is not one to overlook as this company has been providing world-class premier guitars for almost 200 years and the brand is steeped in tradition. This model is an enhanced version of previous instruments and it is difficult not to appreciate the wider nut, improved neck design, amazing forward-shifted bracing as well as the improvements that have been made to the vintage look of the guitar. If you have played on a Martin guitar previously, you will love the new dreadnought in the D-28 as it offers you enhanced and a much more comfortable playing experience. As an all rounder guitar, the Martin D-28 ticks all the boxes! The harmonics are simple, with treble and high mids which have top notch choral qualities. The sound quality should also not be underestimated and offers clear, deep and full qualities that are characteristic of an exceptional quality guitar. If you are able to find the money to pay for this model, by all means, do so as you will not regret it!

Did you know that Eric Clapton is best associated with Martin Acoustic Guitars (five models have been issued over the years). He is truly an inspiration for many guitarist. Check out more about him: Seeking Inspiration from Erick Clapton’s Life


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