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In-Home Songwriting Lessons

In-Home Songwriting classes are available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

~ Willan’s songwriting classes are for Children all ages & skill levels~



The curriculum is thoughtfully structured to cover various aspects of songwriting, including:

Lyric Writing: Children will learn how to express their thoughts and emotions through words, creating meaningful and impactful lyrics for their songs.

Melody Composition: They will explore the fundamentals of melody creation, understanding how different musical notes come together to form captivating tunes.

Song Structure: Understanding the components of a song, such as verses, choruses, and bridges, and how to effectively organize them to create a cohesive composition.

Musical Arrangement: Exploring different musical styles and arrangements to enhance the overall sound and impact of their songs.

Performance Skills: Developing confidence in presenting their original compositions and expressing themselves through music.



Hila Rabby is a singer, lyricist, composer, and pianist, born in Israel and currently based in New York.

Hila graduated from the New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC in May 2020, with honors, receiving the “John Coltrane Award for high-caliber performer/composer/improviser.

Since the age of 18, Hila has gained a lot of experience teaching Voice, Piano, and Songwriting to all levels of Students, being one of the most successful private teachers for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Jerusalem and Tel – Aviv, including preparations for auditions and performances. She is also a native Hebrew speaker and has had experience in teaching Hebrew.



Danté is a musician and entertainer from New York City. With both parents being musicians, Danté began his musical journey with drums at age of 5.

He received his BA in Music Composition & Performance from the Anderson Center for the Arts at Hartwick College and has composed for string orchestra, choir, wind band and jazz ensemble. He also studied piano pedagogies. Following his graduation, he moved to Boston where he taught guitar/piano/ voice lessons. During his time there he also did solo acoustic performances and performed as the lead singer of the local metal band Gas Attack.



Immanuel is a composer, performer, and educator from Annapolis, Maryland. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance after attending Towson University in 2017. After, he attended New York University where he received his Master’s degree in Jazz Studies/Performance in 2019. At NYU, Immanuel studied with Lenny White, Wayne Krantz, Michael Rodriguez, Billy Drewes, and more. He also began teaching private lessons to undergraduate students as an adjunct instructor.

Benefits of Songwriting for Children

Engaging in songwriting offers numerous benefits for children, including:

Creative Expression:
Songwriting provides a unique outlet for children to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a creative and constructive manner.

Confidence Building:
As children develop their songwriting skills, they gain confidence in their abilities to create and share their original work with others.

Emotional Outlet:
Writing and composing music can serve as a powerful emotional outlet, allowing children to process their feelings and experiences through their songs.

Language and Literacy Skills:
Songwriting can enhance children’s language and literacy skills as they learn to craft meaningful lyrics and explore the art of storytelling through music.


“I have retained Ms. Ayumi to teach my eight year old daughter piano three months ago. She is pure joy. My daughter was reticent about piano after learning from a teacher who was not a good match for her, and she was ready to give up music entirely. Ms. Ayumi quickly showed her all that was joyous and magical about music, and she quickly went from a reluctant student to a very diligent one who never shirks her practice schedule. Ms. Ayumi is so kind and so positive, and really listens to her students. She works hard to find pieces that will make her students happy. We are very blessed to have her in our lives. I am indebted to everyone at Willan Academy for sending her our way.”

> Gary, a mother of a 8 year old daughter


“…. my kids feel confident in their growing skills, play beautiful classic and contemporary songs, and have acquired concentration habits that will serve them well in the future, whatever the setting. Finding Kenji has been a gift to our family.”

Yolanda, a mother of a 9 year old son and 5 year old daughter


“I can’t express with words what an amazing experience this has been for my son. He absolutely loves the guitar class and teacher. The students learn very quickly in a no-pressure fun and hands on environment. Kenji, my son’s teacher has always been beyond magnificent. I highly recommend this school for any family/children who might be exploring music classes…”

Anthony, a father of a 9 year old son

Songwriting Classes for Children

Are you looking for a creative and engaging activity for your child? Our private songwriting classes offer an exciting opportunity for children to explore their musical talents and express their creativity through the art of songwriting. This comprehensive program is designed to nurture your child’s love for music while providing them with the skills and confidence to craft their own original songs.


About the Classes

Our songwriting classes are tailored specifically for children and are conducted in a one-on-one setting to ensure personalized attention and targeted instruction. Whether your child is a budding musician or a complete beginner, our experienced instructors will guide them through the process of songwriting, helping them develop their lyrical and musical abilities.


 Why Choose Our Classes
• Personalized Attention: Our private classes ensure that your child receives individualized instruction, tailored to their specific interests and skill level.
• Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are seasoned musicians and educators who are passionate about nurturing young talent and fostering a love for music.
• Flexible Scheduling: We understand the demands of busy family schedules, and we offer flexible class timings to accommodate your child’s other commitments.
• Supportive Learning Environment: We strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment where children feel comfortable exploring their creativity and honing their musical abilities.


Register Your Child Today

Give your child the gift of music and creativity with our private songwriting classes. Whether they dream of becoming a songwriter, musician, or simply want to explore their creative potential, our classes provide a nurturing and inspiring platform for them to grow and develop their musical talents.

Registration for piano lessons is open year-round. Lessons for other instruments Manhattan and Brooklyn can start at any time during the school year. For any questions, contact us at 646-838-3990 or email

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