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Singing: History, Facts, and Benefits


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Technically, singing occurs when a person produces musical notes using his voice. In this case, you can call him a vocalist or a singer. There are different types of singing. For example, you can sing as a soloist or as a group. You can sing with or without accompanying instruments. You can also sing as a hobby or as a religious devotion.


Moreover, there are different genres including opera, pop, country, and blues among others. In all these categories, you can sing different types of voices such as countertenor, bass, baritone, and tenor for men. Female voices include soprano, contralto, and mezzo-soprano. As you can now tell, singing is one of the most exciting and diverse ways of producing music.


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Interesting Facts about Singing

• In his book, The Singing Neanderthals, Steven Mithen claims that humans started singing during the Neanderthal stage of evolution.
• Eating an hour before singing can cause regurgitation. Avoiding carbonated drinks before and during performances is also an excellent idea because consuming them at such times might lead to stomach upsets.
• Normally, the sound you make as you sing travels at approximately 75 miles per hour.


Benefits of Singing

• Singing is responsible for producing a group of hormones known as endorphins, which make you happy instantly.
• Your body produces oxytocin when you sing. Oxytocin is a natural stress relief hormone. Therefore, singing helps you fight stress, depression, and anxiety.


Singing Lessons in New York for adults


Some of the Greatest Singers of All-time


Elvis Presley (1935 to 1977)

Dubbed as the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley is the highest-selling solo artist in history. More specifically, his records have surpassed sales of 600 million units. Elvis is a cultural icon and perhaps the most influential singer of the twentieth century.


Michael Jackson (1968 to 2009)

Dubbed as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson holds the record for the highest-selling album in history. This album, Thriller, sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. Other albums he produced have done well. For instance, his 1987 album, Bad, was the first album to have five songs appearing on the US Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously.


Dolly Parton (Born on 19 January 1946)

She is famous for her work in country music. She has done several solos and duets and she stands unchallenged the best female country performer of all time.


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