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Practice Tips for Young Violinists


The violin is one of the most recognized musical instruments of all time, for both children and adults of all ages. The violin is a beautiful instrument to look at as well as to listen to. Playing the violin will enhance a child’s concentration, sharpen the memory and it also has physical benefits such as strengthening the arm. If your child has taken interest in learning how to play the violin, here are a few practice tips that will go a long way in assisting the parent, and making the practice session more fun for the young violinist:


1. First and foremost, choose an experienced teacher that you and your child will work best with. Make a visit to the music store, together with your child and get him/her the violin they like.


2. Secondly, set up a practice session at the same time every day. Give the young violinist freedom to choose the time that best suits him/her. The time should not be too little or too long for the child to get bored. It should be around 15-30 minutes per day.


3. Before beginning the practice session, you can do a simple warm up to get the young violinist’s arms, fingers and ears ready to play.


4. Assist your young violinist to play a steady beat using a metronome. Use the rosin with care. Too much rosin on the bow makes the tone scratchy.


5. It is important to find other kids who play the violin to occasionally practice together with your young violinist. You can organize for them an ensemble “jam” session once in a while to enable your child test his/her skills with other kids, after practicing solo.


6. To motivate your kid, reward the after every small achievement, praise them. Make a great deal out of it!


7. Assist the young violinist to play the violin with accompaniment. Playing the violin along with accompaniment will help the kid to learn various skills such as coordinating the tempo, dynamics as well as the rhythm. You can even record your young violinist during the practice, and listen and correct the mistakes together.


8. Show interest in your child’s interest in violin. Be there for him/her. Take the young violinist to concerts and listen to great violinists together. The violin can be quiet hard to learn for the child because of the technical it requires, but do not be discourage. It will be just a matter of time and your young violinist will be correctly playing the violin.


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