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Practice Tips for Young Singers


As a parent, assisting your child in her singing practice is indisputably a time for the two of you to connect. However, at times it is a challenge for the parents to get the child singing well and not hurting the kid’s voice. There are various areas that you should focus on during the practice session so as to avoid mistakes that would be hard to correct in future. These areas include; the vocals, as well as identifying the child’s singing range.


Here are a few practice tips that will give your young singers a great start:


1. As a parent, you should first of all enroll your child in voice classes. Find a teacher who is experienced in the field, and whose teaching methods suit your child. Make sure that you do a follow up with the teacher to ensure that your young singer is doing well in her singing lessons.


2. When you come to the practice itself, start off with simple posture and stretches exercises. The exercises will teach the young singers how to sing in a good posture, and also they learn how to participate in the practice session, by giving them simple tasks that are achievable.


3. The third step, is going through a breathing exercise, which gets the voice ready, and ensures steady breathing. After the breathing exercise, advance to introduce the registers. The young singers should not strain their speaking voices, practice long glissando sirens, rising up into the upper register. Even though the high voices may be weak at the beginning, they will grow stronger with more practice.


4. At this point, begin ear training, by learning to match the young singer’s pitch with the instrument, e.g.; piano. The kid learns how to raise and lower the pitch.


5. The young singer is now ready to sing. The practice sessions should not be very long, usually 15minutes per day. At home the parent should encourage the above tips, as well as other tips recommended by the teacher. The young singer’s privacy is important, because having an audience may affect their voice, unless the young singers request an audience themselves.


6. Play live music together that will get the young singer to think critically about music. Provide a healthy diet for the young singer that ensures their vocal folds are healthy, and also get him/her their favorite instrument (preferably) as a present to motivate them.


7. Being there for the young singer and encouraging them in their singing is important. As a teacher or a parent, attend the singing concerts, and reward every little improvement.


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