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Practice Tips for Young Pianists


When young pianists begin their piano lessons, it is an introduction to music that is going to influence them their entire life. The teachers and parents should be positive, and it should be fun for the young pianist. Here are a few practice tips that will go a long way in assisting the teacher, parent as well as the young pianist in his/her learning endeavors:


1. First of all, the parent’s encouragement is of great value to the young pianist. As a parent, get your child a teacher who is experienced in the field, and make sure that you do a constant follow up with the teacher. Dedicate enough time and show interest in the piano lessons that your child is undertaking.


2. Secondly, do not be harsh, or put strict rules during the practice session. Just be gentle and patient with the young pianist. In case you are stressed over something, make sure you calm yourself down before proceeding with the piano practice.


3. Make sure that the young pianist has learnt the outset in order to make the piano sing. Help the young pianist learn the piano keys by their names, by placing m&ms on several keys. When you call out the correct keys, then the m&m can be beaten.


4. Allow the young pianists to schedule the practice time themselves, with your assistance. The practice time should not be long (usually 15 minutes per day). Avoid making the young pianist to skip an important part of their day such as playtime for the piano practice. Let them not see the practice as a form of punishment.


5. You can suggest various styles for scale practice, such as; a rock style, an old person playing or even thunder. You can also play every other note of the scale, then the young pianist can fill in the missing note.


6. Encourage your young pianist to play various different measures and then mix them up.


7. For the practice, you can as well use flash cards, which can be found online, and have contests.


8. Reward the young pianist every step of the way. Expose the child to attend concerts and listen to great pianists. Get the young pianist a piano (preferably as a surprise present), and above all, be there for him/her and show interest in the piano lessons.


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