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How to Practice Singing with a Metronome 


The use of a Metronome is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to singing. On one side are singers who think this device will help you improve on your internal rhythm. On the other side are singers and critics who believe that the metronome create a mechanical singers since it does give allowance for self-expression while singing. However you look at it, the truth is that a metronome helps and is ideal especially for beginners.


If you are looking to start using this device during practice, below are tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes that many singers make and end up frustrated at the end of the day.


Sing difficult phrases at a low tone

Difficult phrases can be a lot of work for beginners even without a metronome in the background. If you want to have an easy time during practice, start by setting the metronome on a gradual and easy note. This way, you will focus more on your rhythm and not on the tick tick tick in the background.


Gradually subdivide the beat

Starting with an easy note works at the beginning but you will need to keep on pushing yourself if you want to improve on your rhythm. Once you have mastered the easy note, subdivide the notes to 30-second notes, sixteenth notes and so on until you have internalized the pulse and you are confident about your rhythm.


Know when to stop

Well, a metronome is supposed to be a friend but not a constant companion. You should, therefore, only use it when you are working on your tempo and put it away when you are focusing on other things. A metronome can be monotonous and a bit annoying if you use it all the time and you need to find the perfect balance to ensure you get to learn without becoming rhythmically boring.


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