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Overcoming Your Stage Fright


Have you ever felt as if you are trapped in a situation where you can’t do anything to prevent it from occurring? Like, as if you are the center of what is happening, getting nervous and panicky? When you are about to sing, and you can not find your voice? Embarrassing situations that we wished the earth would swallow us whole and never come back to the real world to face another human being? That is what I feel when I am singing in front of other people. If this is also happening to you, well I guess, we shared a common problem. But that particular problem of mine is a thing in the past now.


I know in my heart that I can sing, but I don’t have the poise and self-confidence that is necessary to perform in front of other people. Posture is usually taught by our mothers since we were kids. Proper posture means standing up straight, chest out and chins up. It was the most typical instruction that we learn from them. And when we got older, the shape of our body changes to conform to aging. But the reality is, proper posture affects the way we sing. In achieving the correct posture that is required in singing is how to maintain your balance. One effective way of practicing your balance is doing it by putting books on top of your head, the old school way, easy and of use. By doing it, self-confidence is slowly attained.


Sometimes, our worst enemy that hinders us from being better singers is ourselves. We pressure ourselves too much or the other way around. Also, in the process, we became our worst critic.


Singing Lessons NYC for adults


When you are on stage or merely performing in a church or singing in karaoke sessions, you should learn to relax and get comfortable in your surroundings. Make sure you warm up. Humming is a good start. Master the breathing techniques, for that will surely help you deliver the song flawlessly. Memorizing the lyrics also helps a lot. Constant practice is also needed. Repetition of the songs in your head is also a great way in memorizing it.


Another predicament is emotions that one makes while singing. Showing the right emotion can be sometimes difficult to someone who is not yet keen on singing in front of others. This certain problem holds them back in expressing the right emotions. Heres, a tip, feel the song, let it sink into you.


It is acceptable and all right to feel nervous but controlling it would be required. Don’t let nervousness get in the way of your singing. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself while singing out there. Singing should be fun; pressuring yourself to perform at your best is all right, but still, don’t stress you too much


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Singing Lessons NYC for adults

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