We live in a day and age where almost anything is made possible by technology. In fact, there is a common argument that technology has replaced one-on-one communication and intimacy between people. The online world is diverse. It allows you to learn anything, including how to play the piano.

While this is wonderful, it has made many people wonder the best way to learn piano lessons in New York City. Do you choose online lessons or find a real teacher? Let’s discuss to find out.


A Real Teacher

It is difficult to beat the benefits of having a real teacher in the same room as you. For starters, having a real teacher gives you better hand/eye coordination than an online lesson. A real teacher would be able to use your piano (and theirs) to teach you. This is assisted by body language which aids communication and learning. Online piano lessons simply cannot replicate this.

As time goes on, a real piano teacher in New York City becomes more familiar with the students. They get to understand how students’ emotions play a role in the learning process. For example, a student might be happy today and put in their best during lessons. On another day, the same student may be sad or unhappy and unable to perform any lesson pieces. An online lesson cannot compensate for the need for a human presence. A real teacher stands out in such situations because they can sense the change in the student and work towards easing the mood.

The cost of having a real teacher varies depending on several factors. Some students have to travel to their teachers, which would cost less than having the teacher come to you. However, lesson rates can be affordable.

In contrast to online piano lessons, a real teacher can indulge students in breaks, question-and-answer sessions, relationship building, fun sessions, and so much more. This is important for students to grow and learn faster. Students can also learn other life values from their teacher.

Another great benefit of a real teacher is the proof of progress. As a parent or adult student, it is much easier to see the results of what you pay for. If you are searching for a good teacher, it is unchallenging to get a referral from someone. The chances are you know a parent or friend who knows a good piano teacher in New York City.



The Drawbacks of Having A Real Teacher

Yes, the benefits are amazing and can have you leaning towards a real teacher for music classes in New York City . But, let’s not forget there are drawbacks to this option too.

Starting with the financial aspects, the cost varies according to the teacher and other factors. Sometimes having a real teacher can be expensive. The teacher might even require you to pay one or two months upfront before you begin classes.

It may be difficult to find a good piano teacher in your area. This would bring in stress as you have to travel for lessons or have the teacher come to your home for a higher fee.


Online Piano Lessons

Don’t make your choice yet. We are only about to discuss the benefits of online piano lessons. It is common knowledge that the internet is a gold mine. It increases your capability towards many things and is a good resource for anything else. 

Piano lessons are no exception and as expected modern technology greatly enhances learning. Online lessons offer students scheduling flexibility and the comfort of learning in any location of their choice. Some quality music classes in New York City use suitable video conferencing tools on the market such as Skype.

Other good sources of online lessons include YouTube, eBooks, and much more. You can support these with PDFs and other text exercises on the web.

Choosing online lessons also exposes you to a variety of teachers with different levels of experience, teaching styles, and much more. You can take out time to search and find resources that seems suitable and teachers that fit your goals.



 The Drawbacks of Online Piano Lessons

The internet may be filled with all the resources you can find but not all of them are of good quality or use. If you choose online lessons, you are at risk of purchasing something that can turn out to be a waste of time.

Hence, it takes a lot of searching and analyzing to find the right courses or teachers. Also, there is no assurance on what you pay for. You can only know what the lessons contain after buying them. Several times, this misleads piano students.

Most organizations put a lot of money into advertising. You might end up getting a lesson because it is top of the list and has a catchy title, only to discover that all the lesson did was repeat ideas or drag out the time. This is after listening or watching the lesson for hours.




These are two sides of a coin and the choice is yours to make. Would you prefer the physical presence of a real piano teacher in New York City to an online lesson on your PC or mobile phone? No one can completely write off either option. 

 The best way out may be to supplement your physical music classes with online resources that have been tested and proven to be useful. This can help anyone learn faster and grow in knowledge in no time.

 Piano lessons are not just about the teachers alone. They also depend on your efforts, courage, and learning ability. Sometimes, the best teacher may find it hard to help a student who is unfocused and unwilling to grow. The same thing applies to online lessons.

 If you have a busy work or study schedule, you can look to online piano lessons and occasional visits to a local teacher. Ensure you fully weigh both options and commit to making your choice work. We offer you the best piano teachers in New York City. Navigate our website to learn more.