Creative Songwriting Workshop

In Creative Songwriting Workshop, children will not only learn basics of songwriting, but also express themselves through songwriting in a supportive and collaborative environment. No prior musical experience needed.

Songwriting is a creative activity that helps persons express a range of ideas and feelings. Songwriting has so many benefits: enabling emotional stability, offering therapeutic benefits, and providing a vehicle for self-expression, self-discovery, and overcoming challenges.

What to expect:

The workshop will be lead by a teacher from Willan Academy of Music. In the workshop, children first play musical games to get to know each other. Then, children will learn the basics of songwriting, such as structure of music, tonality, rhyming, how to write melodies, and more, through musical activities.

After learning the basics of songwriting, teacher will lead the discussion and children will write a song together in a supportive environment.  It is our goal for children to have a positive experience with music and to write a song together to strength community bonds. 



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Violin Lesson in NYC

Instrument Discovery

Musical Instrument Discovery is a way to explore multiple instruments by learning about musical instruments, watching live demonstrations, and having hands-on experience. (Wind/Brass instruments won’t be available)

What to expect:
Two teachers from Willan Academy will lead the workshop and children will be introduced to 4 different instruments. Children will have an opportunity to play violin, guitar, and percussion. 

Children will learn the basic facts of each instrument, for example, name of parts, how an instrument is used in today’s music, and etc. Children also will have an opportunity to listen to live demonstration of each instrument. In addition, children will have hands-on experience with violin, guitar, and percussion and learn basics of how to play each instrument.

This workshop would be a great opportunity for children to explore different instrument to find out what kind of instrument they like.

Social Skills

If children play in a group, they have to learn to work together to achieve a common goal, exercising tolerance, patience, and encouragement towards their peers.

Build Language Skills

As they learn their instrument, children become accustomed to different sounds that they would not have recognized before. This practice trains their ears for the nuances and subtle sounds of language.

Understand Culture

By learning music from various parts of the globe, students come to understand these cultures, whether it’s African drumming or Argentine tango music

Feel Good About Themselves

There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride that comes from working on building a new skill for an extended period of time…especially when the result is beautiful music.

Bring Joy

When children can play music, it makes them happy…and everyone else too.


Increase Their IQ

Numerous studies (including this one in 2004 by E. Glenn Schellenberg) have proven that children’s IQs increase because of even a few weeks of music lessons. Brain scan technology reveals that brain activity increases following musical training, and some parts of the brain even grow larger!

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