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Music Lessons: What Every New Parent Needs to Know 


To become proficient in any musical instrument requires consistency, perseverance and lots of time. Seeing your kid play a musical instrument is one of the greatest joys to a parent. However, getting your child to start and continue practicing music is a common problem among parents and teachers. So what are some of the ways to encourage your child or student to start practice and keep at it? To help you here is a collection of strategies and tips to motivate your child to practice from teachers and psychologists.


Let them choose the instrument

Your child may have interests that are different from yours and it is very important to allow them explore them. If you choose for your child the musical instrument, practicing it will be a difficult task for them. However, if you let them choose it turns this into your favor even though they didn’t choose your preferred instrument.


Plan performances

If you want to keep your child excited and engaged in practice, you should let them have a goal in sight. One of the best ways to do this is through consistently planning performances. Apart from increasing excitement, it will also help motivate even the unmotivated child to practice so that they avoid embarrassment.


Be their cheerleader

It is important to take a genuine interest in your Child’s musical life and let them know that you are their biggest fan. Listen to your child as often as you can and give them encouraging words on their progress. This way, they will be excited to play for you the instrument to show off their skills.


Find the right teacher

The final and most important tip to get your child start practicing is finding the right teacher. According to Music Central, finding the right teacher determines how the whole experience goes. A good teacher will not only teach, but also be a good friend and mentor to a child. When your child connects to their teacher, they are more likely to be interested and even practice on their own.


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