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MAKE MUSIC AND FEEL IT! ~Guitar Lessons for Adults~


guitar lessons in brooklyn for adults


Hello out there, you have been thinking of learning how to produce some sweet melodies on a guitar, but you aren’t sure of where to start? Perhaps you feel it’s too late to start, or you are within the circle of those who have been fooled by the rumors circulating around that playing guitar is the hardest thing in the universe. Well, you are not alone.


The good thing with guitar lessons is that age is just but a mere number. While someone may take ages to master some basic open chords, the other will take a day to learn and apply Pentatonic scale. If you think it’s too late, get out of that cocoon. Register for guitar lessons, adult, never too late for you to get started. We’ve got you covered we offer to take you through the guitar lessons at the comfort of your home, so it’s a chance not to lose.


guitar lessons in brooklyn


Another encouraging thing about the guitar is that things to do on a guitar are too many that even the professional guitar players have something new to learn each day. This doesn’t mean you have to learn all the things in the world; you can play a very basic scale and produce the best melodies ever. Register with us now if you are in NYC, and you are ready to go. In fact, if you think it’s too late I’ll give you two reasons why it’s the best time for you to get started:


You know what you want to play; most young people start learning a guitar only to get lost along the way because of the many genres of music. Now that you know your taste you will be more specific and you are likely to learn faster.

Time management; over time, indeed you have developed some time management skills and self-discipline which are the first steps towards learning guitar.


guitar lessons in brooklyn for adults


Alas! You can fail to live your dream least because you lack the audacity to start. Register with us for in-home guitar lessons in NYC and breathe life into your dream. It’s simple, go on and do it!


For more questions, contact us at info@willanacademy.com or 646-838-3990. Willan Academy of Music offers violin lessons, piano lessons, and more in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.