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The keyboard is a set of adjacent keys on a musical instrument that can be depressed. This is mostly in the case of a piano. Keyboards consists of keys that are required to play the twelve notes found in the western scale of music with some longer keys and some shorter keys that gets repeated at an interval of an octave. If you depress a key on a piano keyboard, it produces sound.

The sound is produced either mechanically or electronically in case of electronic keyboards. The keyboard is also found on a synthesizer and the pattern is almost the same as the piano. The history of the musical keyboard layout can be traced back to the first century. Since then the keyboard has gone through a lot of changes.

Most of the latest types of keyboards play some compositions automatically. And these compositions can also be recorded in the storage of these keyboards. In certain keyboards, one can also save new music compositions. Artist uses such keyboards when creating and recording their music.

Keyboards can produce sounds of a certain musical instrument, however, some may be able to produce sounds of various musical instruments.

Keyboards are very popular as gift items. They come in various sizes. Portable keyboards, specially designed for children, are also available. The price of a musical keyboard varies according to the sound quality and the number of functions it can perform.

Compared to traditional musical instruments, keyboards often prove to be more cost-effective and timesaving. Many top electronics manufacturers provide a wide range of keyboards at affordable prices.



Keyboards are popular as gifts and they can be accessed in a wide range of sizes as well as prices. You will also buy portable keyboards, which are purposely designed to be used by the children. The price varies according to the quality of the instrument.


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