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Interesting Facts About The Flute:


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The flute is the oldest of all musical instruments originally made from stone, wood, clay, or hollow reeds such as the bamboo. Flutes dating as 43,000 to 35,000 years ago have been found in Swabian Juri, which is the present day Germany. The presence of these flutes indicates the existence of music tradition in Europe at that time. Additionally, the flute, and especially the Bansuri, has been an integral part of the Indian classic music since 1500 BC with the major Hinduism Krishna being associated with the instrument.


Most Important Figures of the Early Days Were Flute Players

People who play the flute are referred by different names including flutists or simply flute players. Some of the most important flutists in the past included Leonardo da Vinci, President George Washington, and President James Madison. If such significant people in the society enjoyed playing the flute, you too could learn and enjoy playing it too.


It Can Be Made Of Various Materials

Since its beginning, the flute has been made of wood, ivory, rock, gold, nickel, bone, and glass. Different flutes produce different sounds with the contrabass producing lowest pitch and the piccolo the highest pitch. Some cultures have been inspired so much by the flute existence that they have decided to make it their personal music instrument such as the “Shakuhachi” that belong to the Japanese. Life is all about variety. You should encourage a bit of diversity in your life. Remember, flutes made of different substances still produce great music. Similarly, diversity in society is a good thing and it leads to positive results.


The Flute Is Woodwind Instrument

The flute produces sound when the air flows over the edge rather than through the hollow of the instrument. As steady air vibrates through the edges of the flute, it produces a sound that you can change by using your fingers to close or open the respective holes. You can also control the amount of air you blow. The flute gives you freedom to choose the kind of sound you want it to produce. In life, you have to learn about control. It helps you develop positive outcomes. Learning how to control the amount of air you blow into a flute should encourage discipline in you.


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