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Inspiration from the Life of Vladimir Horowitz


Vladimir Horowitz lived from 18 September 1903 to 5 November 1989. He was one of the most talented pianists in Russia. Today, many people consider him as one of the greatest piano players in history. He played in numerous concerts throughout Russia. Vladimir also performed in major cities such as Berlin, Paris, New York, and London. Moreover, he was a good teacher who taught several students how to play the piano perfectly. Here are some facts about him.


Vladimir’s Age Was Once a Closely Guarded Secret

Russia faced several problems during Vladimir’s time including civil strife. Vladimir’s father decided to lie about his son’s year of birth so that he could keep him away from the battlefield. He was worried that Vladimir would damage his hands, which would interfere with his piano playing skills. Therefore, his father claimed that Vladimir was one year younger than he was. In fact, some books still quote 1904 as his year of birth, even though this assertion is erroneous.


Vladimir Accepted Chocolate, Butter, and Bread as Modes of Payment

The economic hardships Russia was facing at that time made it difficult for his audience to pay him in cash. Consequently, they resorted to paying him in bread, chocolate, or butter and he accepted these payments. In 1925, Vladimir went to Berlin, Germany. He did not return to Russia until 1986. Instead, he immigrated to the United Kingdom and then to the United States.


Inspiration from the Life of Vladimir Horowitz

Music students can learn a lot from this piano player. For instance, Vladimir’s father lied to protect Vladimir’s hands. Similarly, your parents believe in you and your abilities. Do not disappoint them. Instead, work hard so that you can become a great musician. It is important to note that Vladimir accepted several forms of payment as he toured Russia. Follow in his footsteps i.e. take what you can as you build your career. Then charge high fees for your performances after you have become a household name.


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