Inspiration from the Life of Niccolò Paganini




Niccolò Paganini lived from 1782 to 1840. He was an extraordinary violinist, composer, violist, and guitarist. Paganini was one of the most revered musical artists during his time. Even today, people still regard him as the greatest violin virtuoso of his era. His most famous works were the 24 Caprices. Other notable compositions include La Campanella and God Save the King. Here are some interesting facts about the life of Niccolò Paganini.




He Surpassed His Teachers in Music Excellence

Paganini learned how to play the mandolin from his dad, Antonio Paganini. Later, he developed an interest in the violin so he focused on it. Soon thereafter, Paganini studied music under local artists including Giacomo Costa and Giovanni Servetto. He surpassed their teaching abilities so his father took him to Parma, Italy to learn the violin under the guidance of Alessandro Rolla. Rolla referred them to his teacher Ferdinando Paer because he felt Paganini’s talent exceeded his ability to teach him. Eventually, Rolla referred them to Paer’s teacher. His name was Gasparo Ghiretti.


Rumors about Him Selling His Soul to the Devil

As you can clearly tell, Niccolò Paganini was a musical genius. Even the Pope at that time, Pope Leo XII, honored him with an order of knighthood. Unfortunately, he became so great that people felt he could not achieve such greatness in music without a supernatural force behind him. Many of them concluded that Paganini had sold his soul to the devil to become such a talented and successful musician. He was also highly flexible and he had unusually long fingers so people felt that he was a strange person.

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Inspiration from the Life of Niccolò Paganini

One thing you can learn from Paganini is that experimenting with different instruments is a good thing. You might discover a hidden talent in one of them. You should also treat your music teacher as your friend because he wants the best for you. For example, he will give you the right advice and he will refer you to the right people. Finally, do not worry about rumors. Some people will always talk negatively about you after you succeed. Do not listen to rumors. Focus on your music instead of responding to idle talk.



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