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Inspiration from the Life of Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix lived from 27 November 1942 to 18 September 1970. He was an acclaimed songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Jimi released three albums during his lifetime. Rolling Stone ranked his third studio album, Electric Ladyland, as the 54th greatest album of all time. It is important to note that he was the highest-paid performer in the world at the time of his death. Here are some additional facts about Jimi Hendrix.


His Parents Gave Up Some of His Siblings for Adoption

Jimi Hendrix was the son of James Allen Hendrix and Lucille Jeter. James and Lucille gave birth to four other children i.e. Leon, Joseph, Kathy, and Pamela. Unfortunately, Jimi’s parents gave up their children for foster care & adoption except for Jimi and Leon. The couple divorced in 1951 when Jimi was nine years old. His father took custody of him and his brother, Leon.


His First Instrument Was a Ukulele

As a child, Jimi would take a broom, hold it against his stomach, and then pretend that it was a guitar. A social worker at his elementary school noticed this peculiar behavior and she knew that he had an interest in playing the guitar. Consequently, she applied for funding to buy him one, but the school turned down her request. She also talked to Jimi’s father, but he refused to buy it. In 1957, Jimi found a ukulele with one string while he was helping his father with some handiwork for an elderly woman. He asked her for it and she said he could keep it.


Inspiration from the Life of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix lived through a difficult and confusing childhood. He became withdrawn and shy because of his experiences as a child, but he found peace in music. He started his career with nothing except his passion for playing the guitar. That is all he needed. Today, many people remember him and his energy. His life should inspire you to dream big even though you have little. Remember, your passion is your greatest asset and it will help you achieve amazing feats.


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