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Inspiration from the Life of Fritz Kreisler


Fritz Kreisler lived from 1875 to 1962. Many people consider him as the greatest violinist of his time. His characteristic sound was expressive phrasing in addition to a sweet tone. It is important to note that his style had striking similarities to Franco-Belgian music. Some of his works included Recitative & Scherzo-Caprice (1911) and Violin Concerto in C-major (1945). The former was for a solo violin while the latter was for an orchestra. Unfortunately, people know little about this talented artist. Here are some interesting facts on Fritz Kreisler.


His First Violin Was a Modified Cigar Box

Samuel Kreisler, Fritz Kreisler’s father, was a friend of Sigmund Freud. Freud was a renowned psychiatrist at the time, but he was also a violinist. Freud was also a frequent visitor to Salomon Kreisler’s house. Usually, he would play the violin whenever he visited Samuel. Fritz Kreisler always looked on, as Freud played his instrument. Then he started imitating Freud’s actions. He would imitate Freud using a violin made from a modified cigar box.


The Vienna Conservatory Accepted Him When He Was Seven Years Old

Fritz Kreisler excellence when it came to playing the violin amazed many people. In fact, his talent was so great that the Vienna Conservatory accepted him when he was only seven years old. The Conservatory, established in 1817, had never accepted anyone below the age of ten years up to that point in time. Kreisler received a box of candy for his first engagement at the institution. At one time, he competed against 40 other violinists while he was at the Conservatory. He was 12 years old at the time while his rivals were above twenty years. He won the competition.


His Upbringing Was Unusual

As mentioned earlier, Fritz Kreisler started his music career at a young age, but that did not prevent from growing up as other boys did. However, the adults around him decided that he should not play sports because he might damage his hands. Kreisler went along with it and it seems as though he was content with the decision.


His First Conducting Opportunity Was the Result of an Absentee Conductor

A scheduled conductor failed to appear at an event Kreisler was attending. Kreisler noticed that the conductor’s absence was an opportunity for him to play the role of a conductor. He took advantage of it and that is how he played the role of a conductor for the first time in his life.


Inspiration from the Life of Fritz Kreisler

Music students can learn something profound from Kreisler i.e. anything at your disposal is a musical instrument. Remember, Kreisler started with a modified cigar box. Students can also learn that music is a passion that they can start at any age. Nurturing it as soon as you notice it is an excellent idea. Sometimes, it may require a bit of sacrifice such as not socializing with your friends as much as you would like to socialize with them. However, these sacrifices are worthwhile if they help you explore your talent to the fullest extent possible.


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