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Inspiration from the Life of Franz Liszt


Franz Liszt lived from October 1811 to July 1886. Many people remember him as a virtuoso pianist. His contemporaries often argued that he was the greatest piano player in history. His original works include Piano Sonata in B-Minor in addition to Poetic & Religious Harmonies among others. He also made piano arrangements such as Faust Symphony and Liebestraume. These works captivated his audiences across Europe. It is important to note that Liszt had many talents other than playing the piano. They included playing the organ, composing music, conducting orchestras, and teaching music among others. Here are some interesting facts on Franz Liszt that many people do not know.


Franz Liszt Started Exploring His Talent When He Was 6 Years

Many artists start their career at a tender age, but Liszt started his at an exceptionally young age. He was only six years old when he started listening to his father play the piano. His father noticed his curiosity so he taught him how to play the piano when he was seven years old. Liszt started composing music a year later i.e. when he was eight years old. In 1820, he performed at concerts in Sopron, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia in October and November respectively. Liszt was only nine years old at the time.


Franz Liszt Came From a Humble Background

Franz Liszt’s father could not finance his son’s musical education. Fortunately, a group of wealthy individuals noticed the boy’s talents and they offered to sponsor him. They paid for his musical education in Vienna. Sadly, his father died in 1827. Liszt was only 16 years old at the time. Consequently, the family moved to Paris where the boy lived with his mother in a small apartment. Liszt earned money by teaching people how to play the piano. It was grueling work because he had to cover long distances to reach his students. He frequently worked from early morning to late evening.


Franz Liszt Was an Avid Philanthropist

Eventually, Liszt talent paid off and he became a rich man who toured Europe as a pianist virtuoso. He also received many honorary titles, degrees, and memberships from various institutions that respected his work. Interestingly, Liszt gave away as much of his money to charity as he could. In fact, some people stated that his performance fees mostly went to various charitable causes and organizations. These causes and organizations included the Beethoven monument, the Hungarian School of Music, the Cologne Cathedral, and the Leopold Church among others. He also gave his money to hospitals and schools.


Inspiration from the Life of Franz Liszt

The most important lesson music students can learn from Franz Liszt is that your talent is a means of helping you advance in life. For example, Liszt’s parents could not pay for a musical education for him, but he inspired others to pay for it. Liszt also came from a humble background, but he sustained himself through his musical talent. Finally, when Liszt became a rich man, he gave back to the community. You should do the same when you are rich. Remember, your struggles are temporary, but your talent is an eternal gift. Bless your community with this gift.


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