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Inspiration from the Life of Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse was one of the most popular artists in the UK during the 2000s. For example, she scooped three Ivor Novello Awards in 2004 and she won a Brit Award in 2007. Her popularity extended beyond the United Kingdom. In fact, she was the first woman from Britain to win five Grammy Awards. VH1 ranked her as the 26th greatest woman in music. Here are some interesting facts about the life of this legendary singer.


She Had a Troubled Childhood

Amy attempted suicide at the tender age of 10 according to Chole Govan. Govan made this claim in her book titled, “Amy Winehouse, the Untold Story.” She explains that this incident occurred after Amy’s father left her mother for another woman. Govan writes that this event was so devastating for Amy that she took a huge number of pills to numb her heartache. Fortunately, a friend came to her aid so the incident did not end in crisis.


She Was a Contralto Singer

Contralto refers to a particular vocal range that happens to be the lowest type of female singing voice. Contemporary contralto singers include Adele, Cher, and Lisa Gerrard among others. Amy was also a contralto singer. More specifically, Amy’s voice could span three octaves and a semitone i.e. D3 to Eb6. In contrast, the average person has a vocal range of only two octaves.


Inspiration from the Life of Amy Winehouse

Life can start with childhood issues that might devastate you. The best thing to do is to explore your singing talent despite the heartaches that trouble you. Remember, Amy had an amazing voice and she nurtured it in spite of her woes. However, you should learn from her demise as well. Amy died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011. She was 27 years old. Avoid drugs and alcohol completely. Instead, live responsibly so that you do not die when you are young and talented.


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