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Inspiration from the Life of Adele


Adele is one of the most celebrated singers in recent history. In 2012 alone, she won six Grammy Awards. In total, she has 15 Grammy Awards. Her debut album titled 19 sold three million copies in the US with an additional seven million copies sold worldwide. Her latest studio album, released in November 2015, had sold 20 million copies globally by June 2016. She is undoubtedly one of the highest-selling music artists in contemporary society. Unfortunately, many people know little about her personal life. Here are some interesting facts on this remarkable singer.


Adele, Leona Lewis, & Jessie J Studied At the Same School

These three artists were classmates at the BRIT School in Croydon, England. In fact, Jessie J stated that she and Adele used to sing together while they were at school. Jessie revealed this interesting piece of information while she was doing an interview on Nova 96.9, which is a radio station, based in Sydney, Australia. Adele graduated from the BRIT School in May 2006. She praises the school as a hub for nurturing musical talent including her own. The three artists have achieved success in their respective careers. For instance, Lewis’ debut album went 10 times platinum in the UK while Jessie J had sold over 20 million singles worldwide by January 2015.


Adele Suffered From Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

Adele canceled two tours in October 2011 because of a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. She had to take a break from these tours to avoid permanent damage to her vocal cords. In fact, she could not record music or perform at musical concerts during her resting period. In November 2011, Steven M. Zeitels performed surgery on her vocal cords. Zeitels is the Director for the Center for Voice Rehabilitation & Laryngeal Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital. This laser microsurgery removed a benign polyp from Adele’s cords. It was a success. Rolling Stone even noted that Adele had added four notes to her top vocal range after that surgery.


Being Skinny Is Not among Adele’s Plans

Karl Otto Lagerfeld, a creative director at Chanel, once described Adele as being ‘a little too fat.’ He termed her as roundish a year later. The late Joan Rivers also described Adele as fat and chubby. These are just some of the comments famous people have made about her weight. Ordinary people have also trolled her about it on social media and in person.

Fortunately, these comments hardly get to Adele because she maintains a positive attitude about her weight. In fact, Adele stated that becoming skinny is not among any of her goals. She made this statement while Anderson Cooper was interviewing her on 60 minutes. She also told Cooper that she makes ‘music for the ears and not for the eyes.’ Moreover, Adele said that she would never wear hypersexual clothes even if she had a slim body.


Inspiration from the Life of Adele

Music students can learn a lot from Adele. For example, she chose a good school that nurtured her talent as a singer. You should invest in a good school as well. Join our school so that we can nurture your talent. You will also face many challenges as in your career just as Adele did. She suffered from a vocal hemorrhage that forced her to cancel her several tours. Do not give up even when these challenges seem overwhelming. Instead, push through them and make a comeback as Adele did. Finally, negative opinions expressed by others should not affect you. Focus on your singing skills.


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