Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756, to December 5, 1791) is one of the greatest composers of all-time. He composed over 600 works during his lifetime. Many of them were piano concertos in addition to operas and symphonies among other works. Interestingly, Mozart started composing music at the tender age of five years old. In fact, he was so good at what he did that he composed his first symphony was he was eight years old. His father, Leopold, supported him as he embarked on his musical career.




Mozart Participated in Musical Tours at a Young Age

His first tour began in mid-1763. The family toured Munich, Stuttgart, Augsburg, Frankfurt, Mainz, Paris, Mannheim, and London. Additionally, the family visited other cities such as The Hague, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Finally, they arrived back home in 1766. Mozart was only ten years old at this time. He performed as a child prodigy during these tours.


Mozart Responded Quickly To the Music He Encountered

As he embarked on his first trip, Mozart’s performances were good, but the texture of his music was not as perfect as it could be. Fortunately, tours in musical centers such as London and The Hague opened his eyes to endless possibilities. Subsequently, his music improved remarkably in terms of texture enrichment. Therefore, you can say that Mozart was a fast learner.


Inspiration from the Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Parents should support their kids as Leopold supported his son. As you have seen, Mozart passion in music started to show when he was three years old. His dad sacrificed his time and ambition to take his son on tours. Similarly, musical students should make their parents proud. Remember, Mozart did not waste his dad’s time and energy. Instead, he worked hard on his music. Moreover, adapting to prevailing circumstances and trends is an excellent idea. For example, his exposure to different styles of music during his European tours helped him to improve his musical talent.

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About Mozart

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between. This is the statement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a great music composer, and performer. The world held him as one of the greatest music composers in the history of mankind. He was born in 1756 on 27th of January, in Salzburg, Austria. It is said that when he was only three years old, he learned Piano and violin. He learned to play violin merely by observing his father Leopold teaching his elder sister Maria Anna.


He was a very prodigious child from the very beginning of his life. His exceptional quality was suddenly recognized by his father when he was at three years of age. This child of prodigy brilliance started composing or writing music by his sixth year. He rapidly developed his exceptional creative ability in all of the different music forms, and he developed masterly command over all of them. Beginning from the age of six up to the seventeen years of his age, he traveled across Europe with his elder sister and father.


Mozart started living as a concert Pianist. He wrote many concertos and symphonies. At seventeen years of age, another feather in his cap was added to his credit when he was appointed assistant concertmaster of the Royal Court of Salzburg. There, he extended his domain of music works. The most remarkable things relating to Mozart’s flair was that he succeeded in some many different music forms, including Opera, symphony, chamber music, piano concerto quintet, and even musical comedy.


Mozart married to Constanze in 1782 and lived a lavish life with the increasing success rate which almost brought him to the brink of ruin. He continued to be prolific composure and performer. And in 1786, he successfully premiered his opera music. The Marriage of Figaro in Vienna. Mozart brought opera music to a great level, and some of his works never disappeared. But Mozart opulent and lavish lifestyle coupled with The Austrian-Turkish War caused financial crisis prevailing both sides into a deep depression.


The records say that he was later in his life turned more introvert. In final years of his life before his death, Mozart gave himself a personal recovery and he composed some of his most popular works including the magic flute and final Piano Concerto. He ultimately died on December 5, 1791. He gave us above 600 musical works, and he did this miracle in half of a full lifetime. Today Mozart influence can be heard in the music of Box Bunny cartoon and Rock-and-Roll legendary.


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