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Inspiration from the Life of Robert Johnson


Robert Johnson was an American blues singer, songwriter, and musician who lived between 1911 and 1938. He was a traveling musician performing on street corners and Saturday night clubs. He did not get much recognition or publicity during his lifetime. However, many people now recognize him as one of the best performers when it comes to Blues music especially Mississippi-style blues. Other people also recognize him as one of the most influential musicians in the development of blues. In fact, Eric Clapton called him the greatest blues musician that ever lived.


Interesting Facts about Robert Johnson

As a traveling musician, Robert moved from place to place in areas around Mississippi. He also traveled New York, Texas, Chicago, Canada, and Indiana on occasion. He used a different name whenever he visited a new area. In fact, he had at least eight distinct names during his tours. As he traveled, Robert would play on street corners or in front of restaurants and barbershops. Musicians who knew Robert described him as an outgoing person in public but reserved in private.


How the Guitar Changed Robert’s Life 

When Robert married his wife Caletta Craft, he hoped that they would settle and live in Clarksdale Mississippi. Unfortunately, she died during childbirth. Robert decided to start his career as a traveling musician. In addition to being a singer, he was also good at playing the guitar. His guitar added flavor to his singing. Although Robert did not get much publicity during his lifetime, he created a name for himself by playing his guitar on the street corners.


How the Guitar Can Change Your Life

If you have a passion for playing the guitar, then that can be your key to freedom. It can liberate your financially and emotionally. You can play it to earn money even if you do so as a traveling musician. You can also play it to deal with traumatic events such as the death of a loved one. Try it today and then stay dedicated to it.


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