Inspiration from the Life of Ray Charles 



Ray Charles was an American songwriter, singer, composer, and musician who lived between 1930 and 2004. He became blind at the age of seven. The world remembers him as one of the greatest pioneers of soul music. More specifically, he started combining rhythm and blues, blues, and gospel music in the 1950s to produce a new brand of songs. He also integrated country music, pop music, rhythm, and blues in the 1960s. Ray Charles was the first African-American musician to gain artistic control from a conventional record company.


Interesting Facts about Ray Charles

Ray Charles suffered from glaucoma as a child. He became blind at age seven because of this condition, but that did not stop his passion for music. Instead, Charles became a musical genius. He released several hit songs that earned him many followers including Richard Nixon, a former US president. The Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him twice within its top 10 artists that were part of the ‘100 Greatest Artists of All Time.’ He also ranks at number two in the magazine’s ‘100 Greatest Singers of All Time.’


How Music Changed the Life of Ray Charles

Charles used his talent in music composition and singing to create a new brand of music that people loved with all their hearts. Despite living in abject poverty during his first year in Orlando, Charles later managed to make it big by playing piano for other people as well as singing whenever an opportunity came along.


How Singing can Change your Life

You will overcome any obstacle on your way to success as long as you still have your voice. Hard work and endurance is also critical. You can also explore other fields within the music industry such as playing particular instruments to complement your singing talent. Finally, be creative and come up with your compositions. Doing so will earn you a good wage and it will catapult you into a life of fame.


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